8 celebrity looks that inspire us to block color our bangs

Bright-colored bangs for your next edgy hairstyle—how you like that?

We’re always on the lookout for new hairstyles to try, and let’s just say that for 2021, we’re super hooked on dyeing our hair with hybrid hues. 

A style that we’re definitely eyeing is the block colored bangs look, which is achieved by dyeing the front portion of your hair with colors that contrast with the rest of your locks. It’s a nice alternative to highlights and ombre looks for people who aren’t keen on dousing their entire scalp in bleach but still want to wear bright hues on their hair. 

Colored long bangs give a nice frame and adds contour to your face, while dyed bangs provide an eye-catching oomph to an otherwise plain hairstyle. If you’re looking for some inspiration before you personally give this look a try, here are some celebrities who pulled it off in the most dazzling ways possible.


The BLACKPINK member made a huge buzz with the bold and badass bleached bangs look that she sported during the group’s glorious “How You Like That” era. Radiating an edgy vibe, Jennie looked extremely captivating with her lovely facial features emphasized even more by her hair’s chunky blonde highlights.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is no stranger when it comes to switching up hairstyles and going for bright-colored manes. Just like Jennie, she captivated fans when she walked red carpets with face-framing blond tendrils that gave a Cruella de Vil-esque aesthetic. 

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

Guys can pull off the dyed bangs look, too—and MONSTA X’s Hyungwon is a gorgeous example. The singer-dancer definitely owned the bleached bangs hairstyle when he surprised fans with it during his group’s “Fantasia” promotions.

ASTRO’s Sanha

Bleached bangs might just be what you need to complete your rockstar aesthetic. Take the cue from the youngest ASTRO member, who donned this hairstyle to match the dark and mature vibe of the group’s “Bad Idea” sub-unit debut.


Let’s now take a break from all the bleached bangs and look at the pop of colors that adorns Halsey’s hair. The singer took the rainbow hair trend to the literal forefront and sported shades of red, orange, yellow, blue and purple in this aesthetically pleasing look.

NCT’s Jaemin 

Want a reverse bleached bangs ‘do instead? Take inspiration from NCT’s Jaemin, whose platinum blonde hair makes his blue bangs stand out even more.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung

For her “More & More” teasers, Chaeyoung showed her own version of the hair trend by also coloring her bangs blue. But unlike Jaemin, hers were in contrast to her natural black locks for a fairy-like dark-on-dark look.

Miranda Kerr

Not ready to take on bright hues yet? You can still do the block colored bangs style by picking a shade that’s a tad lighter than your natural hair color, like a chunk of caramel for your bangs to contrast black hair a la supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Header photo by Eric Christian Capilador from Pexels

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