5 add-to-cart items for your self-care shopping routine

Reward yourself with nice things for every job well done

Rewards aren’t only a great motivation but they are also an important part of self-care. For every goal achieved, you can treat yourself to little things like watching the new episode of your favorite television series or grabbing a bite of your fave comfort food. Or, you can click “add to cart” on that thing you’ve been eyeing online for over a week now. 

Experts say that shopping does help lift your mood and has actual therapeutic value. It gives you a sense of personal control and autonomy over life, which a lot of us have been yearning for lately. While impulse buying might not always be good, indulging yourself once in a while is perfectly fine. 

Now is actually a good time to do that because SM Online is hosting an online 3.3 sale from Mar. 3 to 8 where you can splurge without busting your budget. Here are five things you can add to cart for this month’s self-care reward.

A sophisticated handbag

Live your tita dreams and score a sleek new handbag you can flaunt during brunch dates without sacrificing storage. Alberto has a couple of pieces available for up to 55 percent off that will surely help you amaze everyone (both in person and in your Instagram feed) with your fashion sense.

A fancy watch

It’s time to stop depending on phones and laptops. Carry the reward of your hard work right on your wrist with a fancy timepiece from Time Depot, where you can find items for as much as 67 percent off. You can stick to the classics by choosing an elegant analog watch, or go for a more modern vibe with a smartwatch. Either way, they’ll keep you on time and in style.

Fashionable footwear

Need new shoes? Well, you’re in luck because CLN is offering up to 40 percent off on selected items right now. We say go for cute strappy sandals that will remind you of your outdoor trips and long walks on the beach, but if you’re looking for pairs you can also wear indoors, CLN has an extensive selection of flat mules and that you can slip on with loungewear.

Practical gadgets

Gadgets are expensive, yes, but they’re also practical. If you’ve owned the same smartphone for years, it might be time to upgrade to a new model from Samsung and avail its 58 percent discount offer on selected items. You can also opt for appropriate tech gear for your hobby or sideline, like a camera from Canon that’s currently at 10 percent off.

Brand new workout gear

Combining self-care with personal fitness is always a great idea and can even benefit you in the long run. With as much as 10 percent off a range of workout gear from Chris Sports, it’s a great time to pick up a new hobby like cycling or starting your home gym with new dumbbells, ab wheels and a functional training tower.

Get these products without leaving home. Download the SM Malls Online app on Google Play or App Store to enjoy hassle-free shopping.

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