4 sunscreen mistakes we make, and how this new sun gel helps solve them

It isn’t really “skincare” if you’re skimping on sun protection

A common misconception about sunscreen is that you wear it only when you’re heading outdoors—specifically at the beach. Of course, we’ve debunked this when quarantine first forced us all to stay home. And with our prolonged exposure to our gadgets which emit hyperpigmentation-triggering blue light, we get an extra reason to put on sunscreen even when indoors. But here’s an important question that is sometimes overlooked: Are you using the right kind of sunscreen and applying it correctly?

The “when” part of applying sunscreen matters

The new Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer SPF 50 PA+++ with Anti-Blue Light Technology from Happy Skin

Should sunscreen be applied before or after moisturizer? Do you slather it on your face before applying primer or foundation? Where in your multiple-step skincare routine is it supposed to be? There are a lot of questions about sunscreen’s place in makeup and skincare routines, and it actually matters a lot.

For skincare regimens, applying sunscreen is ideally the finishing step because the product’s ultimate purpose is to become a protective barrier against outside elements. This is unlike moisturizers, serums and oils which need to go inside and penetrate the layers of your skin with vitamins and minerals. Putting sunscreen on before these products will render them useless, and we wouldn’t want to waste all those spot creams now, do we?

As for makeup routines, it should be worn under your primer and foundation for optimal effect. But instead of applying multiple products, you can save yourself from all the layering confusion by using Happy Skin’s new Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer SPF 50 PA+++ with Anti-Blue Light Technology product which is a tinted sunscreen and primer in one. It offers sheer coverage while toning down redness and blurring blemishes, making a no-makeup look still possible.

Not all sunscreens are created equal

The new Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer SPF 50 PA+++ with Anti-Blue Light Technology from Happy Skin

One thing you should look for when buying sunscreen is its SPF level. Experts recommend a minimum SPF level of 30 for daily use. It should also have ingredients that offer broad-spectrum protection—also known as shields against UVA and UVB rays—like titanium dioxide. 

Titanium dioxide is a very stable physical sunscreen agent, and it is one of the components of Happy Skin’s Rescue Me Sun Gel primer. It combines with Uvinul A Plus, an ingredient that serves as a chemical sunscreen filter, for optimal skin protection. Those always in front of their phones and laptops also receive an additional shield against blue light with the plant-based antioxidant Medicago Sativa extract present in Rescue Me. Just like most of Happy Skin’s skincare products, the sun gel contains hyaluronic hydration for hydration and ceramides for moisturization. 

Sunscreen isn’t just for girls

In case we haven’t said it loud enough for the people in the back, makeup and skincare are for both women AND men. We’re all equally exposed to harmful sun rays and UV light, and studies show that men’s skin is even more likely to react to UV rays and be damaged by them. Happy Skin’s Rescue Me is formulated for all genders, so there’s no excuse for setting it aside.

Reapplication is a total must

The Skin Edit bundle from Happy Skin

Unlike other skincare products, applying sunscreen does not run on a once-a-day basis. Experts say that you should slather on sun protection every two hours especially when you’re outdoors. Of course, you should do it more frequently if you’re swimming or doing activities that make you sweat, since these cause your sunscreen to fade. This makes having a non-sticky tinted sunscreen like Rescue Me very convenient because it still lets you enjoy sun protection and skin-caring benefits without feeling that there’s too much gunk piled on your face.

The SPF Duo bundle from Happy Skin

You can purchase Happy Skin’s new Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer SPF 50 PA+++ with Anti-Blue Light Technology nationwide for P799 on March 1. Two special bundles are up for grabs via BeautyMNL, Lazada and Shopee to celebrate its launch.

Among these is the SPF Duo bundle which costs P1,499 and includes the Rescue Me Sun Gel primer, UV Mist SPF 35PA+++ and a silicone pouch. You can also purchase the Skin Edit bundle which contains the new sun gel, Happy Skin’s hyaluronic soothing cleansing gel and hyaluronic + B3 boost water cream for only P1,999.

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