2021 Wardrobe essentials that’ll put Narnia’s closet to shame

1st Quarter Checkpoint: Is your style up to date?

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed about the clothes we wear, it’s that styles fall in and out of fashion and we never really know what’s going to catch on. Case in point: We probably ended up spending more days dressed top to bottom in comfies and fuzzy slippers this past year than anyone might have expected. But times are changing and the new normal is starting to feel even more real hence, staying at home all day may not be as realistic this year as the last. That being said, it’s about time we start giving attention to what we wear once more (but hey, you do you) and we might have an idea on where we’re heading with all this, at least as far as styling goes.

Glow up with the granny glasses

Jokes about hindsight being 2020 were passé before the year even began, but let’s not underestimate the importance of keeping our vision in good shape. Those old granny glasses give you much wider coverage so you don’t have to crane your neck quite as much when looking around. The frames also exude personality, which is pretty useful when half your face is covered in a mask.

Full disclosure: The fact that many people seem to have grown carrier-class eyebags the last few months might help explain why wider frames are catching on. 

They still cute tho.

Always be accessorizing

With very, very few exceptions, no outfit is ever really complete without some perfectly-paired accessories to set off the look.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings—each bring something different to the table in terms of how they help balance a look or draw attention to your best features. And it takes next to no effort to match things when you have your color palette all keyed in.

Fetching faux leather

Leather is grand, but there’s a whole world of awesome when it comes to how people are making better vegan leather alternatives that look and wear just like the real thing. Sustainability is key here with how forward-thinking and mindful people have become about the things we consume, and that’s not some trend that’s just going to go away.

Casual coordination

Co-ords are a godsend for how they let you build a flattering look without needing to put too much thought into it. And with face masks adding another layer of nuance to things, you’ll be able to mix and match to your heart’s content when you want to change things up.

A spring in your step

Without getting into too much detail I’m more invested now in getting shoes that can stand up to getting soaked now and again. Boat shoes are a standby that never really fall out of fashion, but with the year looking like we might be getting more time out in the sun, light and airy look like they’ll be in demand.

And hey these are every bit as comfy for checking out the fridge for the nth time at 3 am.

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