Intro “B&B: The Story of the Battle of Brody & Brandy” stars have words for our single ladies and gents Iza and Ian’s unpopular
love opinion:
“You complete me” is a scam

While everyone’s enjoying their dinner dates or romantic FaceTime calls with their bae this Valentine’s Day, we are planning to embrace our singlehood by indulging in a tub of ice cream and watching the premiere of iflix’s new mini-series “B&B: The Story of the Battle of Brody & Brandy” by ourselves. 

And that’s fine; we’re in no rush to find love. Even the mini-series’ lead stars Iza Calzado and Ian Veneracion don’t think you should worry if you still haven’t found “the one” yet. 

“Just give it time” is what Iza says. “If you haven’t found the one or di pa dumadating, maybe it’s not yet time. Maybe you’re meant to do something else.”

For Iza, finding love just happens. “Sometimes, when you’re not looking for it, that’s exactly when that person comes along. Just trust that that person will come. For now, maybe there’s a reason why that person isn’t there yet. Maybe you’re supposed to spend time with yourself or other loved ones,” she says. After all, love and happiness start with yourself.


“You complete me”? No, you complete you

“I’m a hopeless romantic but at the same time, I feel that, kung sino ka man, you’re a complete person as you are. You don’t need to find anyone,” says Ian. “It makes it more fun if you’re sharing life with another person, but [it’s] not necessarily something that you have to look for or something that you have to have. You’re a complete person as it is.”

So that famous “you complete me” line from the film “Jerry Maguire”? Screw that. The pair strongly and specifically believes it’s time to stop upholding it as a mantra. “I’m sorry pero […] that’s baloney,” says Ian.

“That [line] really messed up a lot of people because now they’re trying to find someone to complete them,” says Iza, and Ian wholeheartedly agrees. “As if you’re not a complete human being if you don’t have a partner. That’s rubbish.”


Based on her character’s story, Iza says there comes a point when you think, “Okay, maybe this isn’t going to work out” after being hurt so many times. And for some people, that might be the driving force behind their singlehood. But contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all that bad—it’s very valid and courageous, even. “It takes a lot of security saying that I’m fine being on my own.” 

“You are whole. If you don’t acknowledge that, then you’d always be looking for something to fill the void. I also recognize [that] we’re all kind of broken and in need of healing in some ways—some more broken than others—but even with that, the other person will not save us or complete us or heal us. It is us [who will],” says Iza.

Intro Iza Calzado as Brandy (Photo from iflix)

Having a bae isn’t the only source of joy out there

If you haven’t found “the one” yet, you can seek love and solace in the things that make you happy, no matter how big or small. In challenging times like now, we realize the importance of some things in life that we used to overlook or take for granted. The things that give you joy don’t have to be finding the person destined for you; it could be as simple as walking around a mall feeling carefree and doing mundane activities that you enjoy.

Intro “It takes a lot of security saying that I’m fine being on my own.”

“You know what I miss? It’s going to the movie theater in malls. Like, let’s say, IMAX or the Director’s Club in Aura,” says Iza. She also agrees with Ian when he talks about the joy of staying in bookstores for leisure browsing.

“I enjoy spending time in music stores and testing different instruments without the intention of buying sometimes. Just trying out different stuff but you always end up purchasing something. I would never buy a guitar online because it’s something that has to resonate with you. You have to spend time with it and test instruments. I miss that,” says Ian. By doing things that you truly enjoy, not having a bae would be the last thing on your mind.

Intro Ian Veneracion as Brody (Photo from iflix)

Trust us, there’s no expiration date on love

In fact, you can take a cue about love from the pair’s characters, Brody and Brandy, in the upcoming iflix mini-series. The two star in the story of people in their 30s and 40s as they find love at that age, proving that it’s never too late to experience romance.

“Normally, this kind of material would be given to teens or [people in their] 20s or maybe early, early 30s, but [for] our age, parang […] it’s not typical,” says Iza.

Intro “You’re a complete person as you are. You don’t need to find anyone.”

Ian notes that both Brody and Brandy will show you that the heart-fluttering feeling of falling in love, experiencing a romantic spark or coming across any prospect of love, is the same for people of all ages. “You know how people are, ‘pag kinilig tayo, kinikilig tayo like a 5-year-old.”

And that should help encourage you to continue looking (or waiting) for love… whether you’re in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and so forth.

Intro Iza Calzado and Ian Veneracion are the stars of your next fave rom-com mini-series (Photo from iflix)

Watch “B&B: The Story of the Battle of Brody & Brandy” when it premieres this Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. exclusively through the iflix app, which you can download here.

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