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No matter how hectic life gets and how busy you become, there’s always time for your main girls. You have so many great memories together and best believe that you’re about to make a lot more. Make sure to capture these moments, especially when you’re in the prettiest restaurants this women’s month.

Your besties deserve only the best (and only the most beautiful) of restaurants in the metro.


instagram worthy restaurant

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a brunch, dinner, or all-day restaurant for your next catch-up session with the girls because Sunnies Cafe is more than ready for it.

Melt into their gorgeous pastel palette and delectable palate offerings—Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl, girls?

Their store makes you feel like you’re in a set of an upscale 1980’s diner, perfect for a themed posse shoot. It’s guaranteed that everything your eyes meet is carefully curated.

It’s unbelievably feminine and edgy, the perfect backdrop for your women’s month cocktails or meals.

You can visit Sunnies Cafe at SM Megamall.


What started out as a bakery has now become a successful restaurant that serves mouth-watering meals and the best desserts.

On the front page of their menu reads: “I was deeply drawn to, and inspired by my favorite home-cooked childhood meals and snacks.” These are words from owner and head chef, Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto.

Try their popular crispy fried chicken and creamy mac and cheese. You can even pick out a few handcrafted gourmet breads!

When you walk through their doors, you’ll immediately feel at ease. The smell of fresh pasta and of pork belly adobo hang in the air. It really is the goodness of home-cooked meals, made with premium ingredients.

You and your friends will find comfort in the cozy seats, the paintings hung on the wall, and especially the food. You’ll feel so at home that you’re sure to be taking selfies and candid photos of each other in no time.

Head to The Podium to experience Nono’s homey coziness.


instagram worthy restaurant 1

Le Petit Soufflé takes all the romance and beauty in French dining and integrates this with the fun and quirks of Japanese culture.

The restaurant features life-sized trees with fairy lights hanging from their branches. You’ll feel like you’re in a French-inspired Japanese anime, if that makes sense to you. It’s a cute place, the type of cute that doesn’t go anywhere near tacky.

It’s tasteful and elegant, just like the dishes that they serve. Don’t be fooled by the name because they serve more than just soufflé, although they make really amazing ones like their Japanese Boeuf Curry Souffle. You can snap-and-upload away as you enjoy a filling lunch or dinner with your amigas and giggle under fairy lights and branches.

You can go to The Podium to visit Le Petit Soufflé.


instagram worthy restaurant 2

If you’re feeling adventurous and if you’re looking for a bit of fun with your girls, Buku Buku Kafe is your best bet. They’re quirky from the food up. You can try a filling serving of the Bük Burger before you start snapping photos.

Step into a wonderfully whimsical and colorful world at Buku Buku. They have all sorts of interesting trinkets like old typewriters and rotary phones. Their SM Southmall branch even features a chandelier piece with books hanging from it!

There’s always more to discover and look at in the restaurant—that can only mean that you get more photo backdrop options in your next hangout session with the girls, perhaps this women’s month.

You can try out Buku Buku Kafe at their SM Southmall and SM City Dasmariñas branches.


instagram worthy restaurant 3

Known as Wildflour’s little sister, Little Flour Cafe reinvents the way your brunch is prepared. This all-day brunch cafe serves classic well-loved international breakfast dishes like homemade granola, French omelettes, and steak and eggs, as well as local faves like arroz caldo, lechon manok, and pork adobo fried rice.

Like its big sister, Little Flour’s interiors radiate a subtle rustic charm. A wall display of piggy bank figurines also adds a playful touch to the overall feel of the cafe. The brick walls, window panes, and wooden tables create a cozy atmosphere which makes the place perfect for a long catch-up session with your gals.

Call in the squad and be transported into a quaint farmhouse in the countryside with a cup of coffee in hand while munching on your staple comfort food. It’s time for a new squad photo!

Visit Little Flour at SM Megamall and The Podium this women’s month.