What’s NIU at The Podium?

Here’s a NIU experience for you to try!

If something’s really good, you won’t be able to get enough of it. This rings true for NIU by Vikings. The multi-awarded restaurant concept, which became part of the The Choice Hall of Fame for 2018, finds a second home in Manila at one of the busiest spots in the metro, Ortigas.

NIU by Vikings at The Podium provides the premium experience that patrons have loved from the Vikings group since they came to the Philippines in 2011. NIU (which means “nine” in Old Norse) boasts not only excellent dining options but also multi-sensory treats.

Here, it’s not just about what you’ll eat; it’s also the overall feel of the place once you enter it. Filled with natural light, NIU’s spacious interiors are dotted with pops of color. A point of attraction is a grand piano, and periwinkle chairs make for comfortable seats. The design complements the excellent selections available at the sprawling buffet spread and an unlimited assortment of wine, cocktails, sake, and imported beer that were sourced from all over the globe. The restaurant caters to every kind of craving as it adjusts its buffet selection throughout the day, from laid-back mornings to extravagant evenings. It’s definitely a place where the family can enjoy their Sunday brunch, but it’s also where friends and colleagues can spend their nights to chill and enjoy each other’s company.

No doubt, NIU by Vikings is the best option when you just don’t know what you’re craving for until you see what’s available, or when you know you can’t satisfy your big circle of friends with a limited menu. This is how NIU became go-to spot for food lovers: It serves only the best dishes prepared in a state-of-the-art kitchen, and served within a welcoming ambiance.

NIU Podium is located at Level 5, The Podium and is open for reservations via (02) 845-4647.
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