7 Drinks To Order at the Best Cafés For Every Taste

For most people, the day cannot start without a drink from the best cafes in the Metro. 

But with the ever-growing and changing menu choices, you might catch yourself asking what to order today? Browse through all the selections available at SM Take Out & Delivery and you’ll surely find a drink that will suit your taste buds. So, if you want to slurp on a drink that hits the feels, here is the ultimate Philippine food and restaurant guide

For The Black Coffee Lover: J.CO Americano 

JCO Americano

If you’re feeling exhausted, stressed, or just feel like you don’t have the energy to accomplish the tasks throughout the day, order a perfect cup of black coffee like the Americano (₱105 for Duo size) from J.CO! 

The JCO Americano is a strong espresso that has a good balance of creaminess and bitterness.

Pro tip: If you want to perfect that flavor according to your liking, there’s no shame in asking your barista for added milk and sugar along with hot water.  

Heads up, coffee lovers! Now you can pick your favorite J.CO drink and sip wherever the day may take you with the Bottled Iced J.COFFEE drinks. Prices start at ₱150 and every bottle is available for take-out and delivery!

For Your Sweet Tooth: Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappuccino 

Have you been craving for something sweet lately? Then, the Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappuccino is the drink for you! 

This super-sweet blended beverage is made of real strawberry chunks, milk, and topped with a splash of strawberry sauce, vanilla whipped cream, white chocolate pink petal topping. Trust us, the pink pastel treat will look and taste dreamy. Indulge on the delicious flavors of spring with every bite by pairing this drink with a Cherry Blossom Cake! 

For A Relaxing Taste: Seattle’s Best Coffee Matcha Green Tea Javakula

SBC’s improved Matcha Green Tea Javakula joins our #summer flavors. Grab the Javakula for a refreshing afternoon lift -…

Posted by Seattle’s Best Coffee Philippines on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The daily challenges in life can be downright tiring. Sometimes, you just need to cheer yourself up with a relaxing, pick-me-up drink. Whether you’re feeling down from fighting with a loved one or the piles of work is starting to take a toll, a Matcha Green Tea Javakula from Seattle’s Best Coffee (₱165) is sure to fit your taste. 

This ice-blended, frothy beverage comes with a luscious creamy taste. It’s topped with whipped cream and packed with antioxidants as well! The detoxing effect will leave you feeling upbeat and generally enthusiastic to face the day. Light, bright, and delicious, there’s plenty of good to be said about this drink. 

Seattle’s Best Coffee is celebrating their anniversary with a promo until May 25! Get 50% off on their medium/large-sized Hot/Iced Americano.  

For Those Who Want Milk Tea: Macao Imperial Tea Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea

Macao Imperial Tea Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea
Image Credit: Macao Imperial Tea | Instagram

Did you just achieve a major milestone in your life or just feel like indulging in a really good beverage? Hailing all the way from Macau, the Macao Imperial Tea Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea (₱120) is a crowd-favorite for a good reason. 

Sipping on this drink truly feels like spoiling yourself because of the extra decadent salted cream cheese, and chewy pearls. For fans of Oreo cookies, you can’t go wrong with the Cheesecake Oreo (₱140) variant! Go on, you know you deserve this drink. 

Don’t miss out on Macao Imperial Tea’s deals for April 2021 in specific SM supermalls! The Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea is on a free Monster Upsize promo from April 6 to 8 (SM Olongapo Central & SM City Telabastagan). Get the Creamcheese Oreo for only ₱99 until April 30 (SM City Bicutan & SM North EDSA). Or make it a summer to remember with Macao Imperial Tea Philippines and Havaianas! Get 30% off on the Cheesecake and Milk Tea Series from March 12 to 31 when you purchase any flip flops from Havaianas.

For The Classy Coffee Lover: Krispy Kreme Signature Iced Cappuccino 

So you’ve already put on your most stylish outfit and pressed play on your favorite playlist, now it’s time for an equally sophisticated coffee. Go with a Krispy Kreme Signature Iced Cappuccino (₱110), because if frothing milk doesn’t scream “fancy”, nothing does! It’s a signature ice-blended espresso with a little milk, then topped off with rich froth. Don’t forget to pick up your crown while going about your day, queen! 

Want to try another classy variety? Try Krispy Kreme’s Iced Coffee of the Month: The medium (12oz) Signature Mocha Iced for only ₱120. Save ₱35!

For The Non-Coffee Drinker: Chatime Passion Fruit Green Tea

Chatime Passion Fruit Green Tea
Image Credit: Chatime | Website

Don’t drink coffee? We’ve got something for you, too! 

You shouldn’t miss Chatime’s Passion Fruit Green Tea (₱95) because each sip will fuel your creativity and curiosity. The Jasmine green tea and passion fruit may seem like a peculiar combination but both unique flavors make for a refreshing drink that hits with just the right amount of sweetness. Passion fruit is known for its tarty and sweet flavor, while jasmine green tea is more subtle with hints of floral tastes and a fresh finish. Plus, the small chunks of passion fruit add an enjoyable chew to this drink. 

When You Just Want To Quench Your Thirst: French Baker Brewed Citrus Iced Tea 

A big jar of our super refreshing Brewed Citrus Iced Tea is just the right drink to lift up your spirits and get you…

Posted by The French Baker Philippines on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Let’s admit it. The weather in the Philippines can easily make you feel like you’re inside an oven and will leave you wanting to quench your thirst ASAP. If you need a no-fuss thirst quencher to go with your meals, a jar of the French Baker Brewed Citrus Iced Tea (₱90) is the answer. The finely sieved and simmered herb tea, and added lemon slices are super refreshing! 

Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering what to order in cafes in Manila, remember that there’s a drink that can match whatever emotions you are feeling right now. At SM Shopmag, we’re here to help you sip on drinks that can uplift your food (or even the best Philippine food and restaurants for dining!). 

Don’t want to head out to grab your favorite treats? Call 8876-1111 if you’re in Metro Manila and 09178761111/ 09088761111 if you’re outside(provincial) for Delivery and Pick Up at SM! Promo is valid for orders worth P1,000 and up. Start shopping for something seriously delicious from the comfort of your home today! 

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