We’re smacking our lips to these March food holidays

There’s a lot to celebrate about life and here are a few more reasons

Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts! I’m here to remind you that holidays are meant to be celebrated and food is meant to be shared. So here are a few fun food holidays to zest up the month and do exactly just that. 

March 19: National Chocolate Caramel Day

Grab your partner in crime ‘cause we’re having the best of both worlds with this two-in-one celebration to mark National Chocolate Caramel Day… in the United States. Though not a national day here, you can’t argue that the chocolate caramel combination is just as worthy of celebration anywhere in the world. Celebrate this decadent match by sharing your favorite chocolate caramel dessert with your favorite people. Be it in sundae, ice-blended drink or dessert form, the choices are endless. 

Twix x Malteser DUOghnut and Chiller from Krispy Kreme

March 20: World Flour Day

Founded in 2019 by The Flour World Museum, this day honors the grounded grains that make up a huge portion of people’s diets. Extend your appreciation and gratitude to farmers, millers, small bakers and all those who make our starchy dreams come true. Have a meal apt for the day with pasta, pastries and sandwiches. Just don’t forget that sharing is caring. 

4 cheese overload pizza from Greenwich

March 23: National Chip and Dip Day

I know what you’re thinking. What’s so special about National Chip and Dip Day if we eat chips all the time? For one, the term “chips” isn’t  limited to potato chips. The keyword here is experimentation. With a variety of options to choose from such as tortilla, corn and pretzel (not to mention healthier ones like kale and other veggies) as well as fun flavors like honey butter, nori and lime, the possibilities are endless. In case you’re now convinced, host a get-together or chill down with a movie night. But let’s keep it within the members of the household for now, okay?

Tortilla chips and salsa from Chili’s

March 24: National Cheesesteak Day

Here’s to my savory and meat-loving party people: National Cheesesteak Day. A day made especially for eating cheesesteak is definitely our kind of holiday and we’re going to spend it well. This may not be an international festivity but we’re firm believers in the freedom to celebrate anything and we’re going to do just that. 

Steakhouse burger from Wendy’s

March 25: International Waffle Day

Celebrated around the world, International Waffle Day was actually a product of mispronunciation that led to the joint celebration of Waffle Day (Våffeldagen) and Our Lady Day (Vårfrudagen) held every Mar. 25 in Sweden. Hence, it is now customary for Vårfrudagen to be celebrated with waffles. Have fun finding your perfect waffle creation by pairing it with ice cream or coffee, or take up the challenge of making your own waffle from scratch for a tasty DIY experience.

Waffle from Pancake House

March 28: National Black Forest Cake Day. 

A holiday dedicated to my favorite cake flavor? Yes, please.  Not only does the sultriest of cakes look sexy but it tastes the part too. But if you want a grown-up version, drop a splash or two of alcohol in honor of the original German dessert, Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, which uses… well, Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser, a specialty liquor of the region. But if the Black Forest cake isn’t your cup of tea, you’re in luck as the next day is National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day!  

Other fun food holidays to celebrate include:

March 22: National Bavarian Crepes Day

March 26: National Spinach Day

March 27: National Spanish Paella Day

March 28: National Something On a Stick Day

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