Not a fan of vegetables? You’re probably eating the wrong ones

"I love these boiled vegetables," said no one, ever

Millenials and zillennials, let’s talk about something very important: Vegetables really do not deserve the slander. I get it, we rejected greens during our childhood days and have associated them with bland forcefed-by-angry-parents fodder, but they’re really so much better than we give them credit for. To convince you to leave your vegetable-hating ways, here are some dishes you absolutely have to try on your next food trip out. 

Broth-based greens 

Choobi Choobi’s Green and Mean Pinakbet will have you saying goodbye to meat forever

Hey listen, we love our soup and broth here. Throw in a variety of vegetables and it’s instantly a party. Pinakbet is usually made with vegetables mixed with your choice of meat but opting out of the meat is an underrated way of enjoying this Filipino favorite. This dish contains a lot—and we mean a lot—of vegetables but its star is definitely the ampalaya. Ampalaya has a bad rep but the right pinakbet and bagoong combo can change your mind.

Deep-fried tempura style 

There are multiple veggies in Choobi Choobi’s Veggie Tempura, so your meal won’t just be a one-note affair

Whoever invented the deep fryer, I, on behalf of all picky eaters everywhere, would just like to thank you for your hard work and dedication. Basically anything can be made tasty and appetizing once it’s deep fried, and vegetables are no exception. This Japanese innovation coats your vegetables in light crispy batter and its signature dipping sauce, which is made of soy sauce, fish stock and mirin, complements almost any kind of vegetable. We admit it’s not the healthiest way to eat vegetables, especially if you’ve had more servings than you can count… but then again, at least you’re eating vegetables, right?


Choobi’s Chop Suey is best served with a hot, steaming cup of rice

Quick fact check: Did you know that Chop Suey isn’t Chinese in origin? And no, It’s not Filipino either. It actually has its roots in Chinese-American fastfood restaurants. Wherever it comes from though, you can’t deny that this mix of vegetables has an iconic place in every Filipino’s dining table—whether as a side or main dish. If you’re having trouble finding vegetables you really like, Chop Suey has a wide selection: from broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, young corn and even mushroom so there’s literally anything for anybody. Don’t be a baby though, and try them all together since the magic of Chop Suey lies in clearing out the whole serving. 

Cha Tao Miao

Chinese Cha Tao Miao is usually a sweeter dish but Choobi Choobi’s version adds a saltier punch with soy sauce

Another stir-fried dish that should convince you to love vegetables is Cha Tao Miao. This light dish is made with two main ingredients: snow pea sprouts and garlic. The crispy result can be a great appetizer or a side dish to complement heavier dishes. If you’re hooked enough, why not order to-go and add them to your packed salad lunch the next day?

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