Ube fans, meet Jollibee’s new Ube Macapuno pie

If you’ve been on social media this past year, you’d be no stranger to the baking trend that has taken households by storm during the pandemic with endless posts extolling the newfound skills of young and old alike as they embark on their flour-fueled journey. From cookies and brownies to bread, home bakers discovered new ways with traditional favorites, with the ube cheese pandesal being one of the most exalted.

There’s an easier way to enjoy yet another version of ube as dessert without sweating it out in the kitchen: Jollibee’s new Ube Macapuno Pie! The new menu item combines the crunch of the golden pie crust with the delicious filling made of creamy ube and sweet macapuno for a delightful bite.  

Grab yourself an Ube Macapuno Pie for only P30 a piece, though we can’t guarantee that you’d stop at one. So grab them in sets of three for P89 or a box of six for P175. Give in to the temptation before the Lenten season and treat the whole family (or *cough* yourself *cough* we won’t tell) to a box of tangible joy. Prices may vary depending on your mode of ordering. Get these snacks at your local Jollibee branch in Luzon or have them delivered to your home through the Jollibee website, delivery app or hotline (#87000). Delivery is also supported by GrabFood and Foodpanda. For those in Visayas and Mindanao, the Ube Macapuno pie will be available starting February 8.

The franchise boasts of its pie menu which offers a variety of flavors that cater to the different tongues of Filipinos. (We miss you Tuna and Choco Mallow pie!) Not a big fan of ube but can’t seem to satisfy your cravings for buko? Well, you are in for a treat as you can have your buko fill without the ube with the return of the crowd favorite, Jollibee Buko Pie. It’s real buko filling is sure to bring you on a trip—something I am sure a lot of you have been dying to go on. Coconut does not suit your taste? Why not come back to the classic and enjoy yourself a warm, sweet Peach Mango Pie. Having troubles with your co-cravers or want to buy it all? Why not order an Assorted 6 Pies-To-Go to please the different cravings and preferences! What are you waiting for? Grab your phone or car keys and have yourself some joy delivered or served before it’s gone!

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