3 types of coffee drinker and where to get the best (and affordable) drinks for ’em

Some people don’t care about the flavor so long as it has caffeine in it but not us—obviously

My college life was interesting, to say the least. “A latte a day keeps the sleep away” was my mantra (still is, tbh) and coffee shops were my home. For some, it might be bizarre. But for a communication student who had to juggle writing the script for a documentary, revising her final thesis and producing a radio infomercial, trust me, it’s normal.

That said, I’ve spent four years observing and meeting people who have different reasons for drinking coffee (all the while trying to meet my deadlines). There are people who buy coffee to stay awake in the middle of a boring board meeting while others, to gain energy to do their 10-page essay due in eight hours.

Now if you aren’t too sure about what type of coffee drinker you are, here are the most common ones I’ve seen go in and out of coffee shops and the drinks that keep them going—all under P100.

The coffee connoisseur

You drink coffee like it’s water. And as much as we don’t encourage that, we respect your preference. This is a no-judgement space anyway. (But it’s not too late to change your lifestyle… just saying.) You know your coffee well and would notice if a different barista prepared your regular order. You also like to explore and try new flavors, especially limited edition cups.

Mocha Frappuccino from D’Cream Coffee and Tea

This Mocha Frappuccino from D’Cream Coffee and Tea for as low as P90 (regular) is your best bet. It’s a regular iced blended beverage made with rich chocolate, infused with freshly brewed coffee and topped with whipped cream.

The zombie without coffee

You can’t function properly without drinking at least a cup of coffee per day. You can’t think at all, get irritated easily and don’t make sense most of the time—exactly like a zombie. You prefer strong, sugar-free coffee that can keep you energized throughout the day but won’t cause you palpitations. And if this brewed coffee from Buku-Buku Kafe won’t keep you up for at least 24 hours, then I don’t know what will.

Brewed Coffee from Buku-Buku Kafe

Oh, and for those living in Las Piñas or near SM Southmall, you may use the promo code “SHOPMAG” to get 25% off your drink when you order via until May 31, 2021.

The unapologetically stingy drinker

Hot Latte from D’Cream Coffee & Tea

As much as you love coffee, you’re only willing to pay for as much as P75 (or even less) for it. You believe that a good cup of coffee should be accessible to anyone and not be expensive as hell. You may add this hot latte from D’Cream Coffee and Tea to your “must-try coffee around the metro” list. It’s inexpensive (P60 for regular and P75 for large) and tasty.

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