Foodies, here are the restaurants that should be on your bucket list

Feasting is the best way to celebrate the end of a decade-long year

It’s nearly the end of the year and it seems the holidays just crept up on us out of nowhere. Still, we’ve managed to make it this far so let’s enjoy the festivities of the Christmas season: We’ve earned it. 

Because stepping out is still generally discouraged, be sure you make it worth your while to dine out by choosing the best restaurants for your  Christmas and New Year’s Eve spread.  Here are 30 restaurants to celebrate the gift of being together with friends and family in this most joyous occasion.

Fire is your friend when it comes to delicious meals


To say that they know a bit about playing with fire and getting succulent results out of it would be an understatement. Their Roast Duck is renowned for good reason: It’s everything you could possibly want from shatteringly crisp skin to fillets overflowing with juices, indulgence at its finest. There’s no wrong answer whether you pair this centerpiece with sides of Single Roast Noodles or their vibrant Poached Hong Kong Kai Lan.


You only have to see their Fried Lechon Siomai to know that these guys mean business. They’re all about making the perfect pork and it shows in how they manage to integrate it into so many of their dishes from deep-fried Pritchon to Sinuglaw and how you can tweak their lechon to your liking. Their Zubuchon Sisig explodes with flavor and even their Baked Scallops don’t fall short of their signature dishes.


The concept of taking advantage of unlimited shabu-shabu and Korean barbecue to celebrate the year gone by is a good send off. The scents, the smoke, the good soju (or soda!) make for timeless memories accented by the bursts of flavor you get from high-quality salt & pepper chicken, gochujang pork, or bulgogi beef playing with your palate—a feast for six, all for ₱2499. 


This is one of those places that’s home to many fond memories with friends and family, hallmarked by cold drinks and some of the best crispy pata you’ll likely get short of a high-end restaurant. Also, people don’t talk nearly enough about the tokwa’t baboy that’s ridiculously good, as is the blue marlin steak.

Noodles are the quintessential comfort food


Ramen, an absolute godsend on cold and dreary days, deserves its reputation as a well-earned treat. The Ebi King Ramen is decadent and savory while the Akao Spicy Ramen warms you right down to your follicles. Order extra char siu toppings for maximum enjoyment.


KanZhu proves that handcrafted noodles is an art form. The Three Treasures Noodle packed with brisket, tendon, and tripe has a complex flavor, while the Yuxiang Eggplant with Minced Pork Dry Noodles has a bit of a bright sweetness for a lighter but still very hearty meal.

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Its Instagram handle @northparkgreatnoodles just about says it all—they know what they’re good at. Whether you’re bingeing on Happy Birthday noodles or indulging in Nanking Beef with a side of Manchurian Calamares, you’re bound to have a good time sharing some of the best comfort food you’ve had for a long, long time. Celebrate a (hopefully) long life with their extensive list of noodles, from Braised Szechuan Tan Tan Mien to Aniseed Beef Tendon in Soup.


Don’t let the name fool you: There’s nothing outdated or stodgy about its selection of pastas inspired by traditional family recipes worth trying as well as its Arroz a la Cubana, Grilled Chicken Jambalaya and Chef Soc’s Chicken Cordon Bleu.

But sometimes you want to really dig in and satisfy your savory cravings


For the price, the quality of meats served here is impeccable. Once you sit down with a plate of perfectly-seared Porterhouse Steak or Herbed Salmon you just know that this is something to savor on your own, or share with someone really special. Oh, but grudgingly.


Where to start? The restaurant has everything you could ever want from delectable starters to decadent meals that might compel you to add a few more laps to your treadmill workout. The1875 Pot Stewed Beef has pure umami goodness while the Southern Char-Grilled Chicken is something you’d want all to yourself. 

Still, this is the season for sharing and Gringo’s Holiday Pack 2020 Sharing Platter makes that easier with its Smoked Holiday Brisket, a whole chicken, three orders of quarter ribs, a Nacho Grande, and an Angus Bolognese Linguini.


The entire menu is Filipino comfort food at its peak and nostalgia galore as they bring back fond memories of celebrating with people who mean a lot to you. Whether you’re fighting over its famous sarap to the bones fried chicken, the kare-kare or tofu sisig, dining here spells a good time every time.


While famous for pancakes, its Classic Pan Chicken and Spicy Maple Danggit are also, well, selling like hotcakes. It also offers an assortment of ready-to-cook meals from Fish Rolls in Lumpia Sauce to Country Sausages, and the new limited Pan Chicken Burger is sure to help you feel good again.

A taste of home


Let’s kick this list off with an absolute classic—the smells and flavors that bring you right back to the best days of your childhood through this mainstay of your salad days.

Goldilocks’ classic mamon and fresh lumpia are a good way to get that trip down memory lane started, with a sweet ending through its offering of inventive cakes and rolls. 


Here’s how to enjoy a more contemporary take on traditional Filipino cuisine that comes in generous portions, and even a sizzling hot grill right at your table. Whether it’s the signature Crispchon or family faves like kare-kare, inihaw, or sinigang, Mesa’s got you covered. You can’t know grilled liempo until you’ve had Grilled Liempo the Mesa Way.

Our Crispy Boneless Pata will definitely make anyone feel welcome. From its skin that crackles like chicharon and the…

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Providore is what you get when you explore where the massively diverse ends of Filipino cuisine meet the deep history of European dishes. You get modern twists on classics in the form of Pastrami Tapa but also the absolute peak of indulgent comfort food in Mushroom Risotto Balls and Cast Iron Steak and Chili Fries, among many others. In the mood for a deli? Their Crispy Seafood Mayo Roll and Roasted Turkey Club are examples, and even if you’re not a fan of bone marrow you will be once you tuck into their Decadent Bone Marrow Burger.


You aren’t just here for the bar, even though you’re bound to find something that tickles your palate and satisfies the soul. No, it’s the bold flavors of masterfully-done Paella Bogavante with an entire lobster and a range of tapas going from Patatas Bravas to Gambas al Ajillo and Chorizo Picante Frito that draw you in and set your imagination alight. These are timeless flavors elevated to fine dining, the hallmark of grand celebrations.

Bold flavors going from east to west


You may have to act fast if you want to land a reservation now. On offer is a sampling of almost every food you can imagine whether it’s dimsum, charsiu, roast lamb with mint, assorted cheeses, itomaki, tapas, tempura, or scallops—your imagination and stomach are the limit. Bring the party home with the Vikings Party Platter to experience a buffet right in your abode.


Ever wonder why there’s always a long snaking queue to this food outlet at SM Megamall food court? One, it offers such a massive assortment of flavors that you’re bound to find something that’s perfect for you. And two, you can’t go wrong with its original salt and pepper chicken wings with dip, whose Korean flavor is a nice alternative to what you usually have. Oh, there’s also a Hickory Smoke variant when you want something more piquant.


Speaking of piquant flavors, you really have to try TexMex’s Texan Baby Back Ribs, Taco BBQ Fries, and Nachos Mexgrande—they’re bound  to start a party in your mouth and leave you dancing atop the holiday table.  The unmistakable aroma of well-spiced meals spells out a party to remember.


Its self-proclaimed best fried chicken in Manila coupled with small plates of torched corn and cream cheese, eggplant agedashi, honey butter sweet potatoes, and mashed sweet potatoes are enough reasons to run, don’t walk, to this place.


People say it’s not a party unless there’s lechon, but when it’s Lydia’s Lechon, the party vibes go several notches higher with its family boxes packed to brimming with pork BBQ, pancit chicharon bituka, and of course, the iconic lechon.


Chow down on US Premium Beef Rib and Tendon Curry or Stir Fried Orange Chicken, maybe with a side of their Original Signature Halibut Soup and some Deep Fried Spring Rolls. Either way it’s all top-class comfort food straight from Hong Kong putting saucy twists on all your old favorites.


Claiming to be a House of Gyoza invites scrutiny, but Osaka Ohsho holds up to it. They’re good enough to warrant visiting just to have more of them, but even if you’re just coming in for a plate of their Pork Katsu Curry or their immensely refreshing Mapo Tofu Koshihikari Set you’re treated to a complementary side of their famous gyoza, and it really is a compliment to your tastes.

Collaborations are sweet


After all that feasting, sit back and enjoy a sip of a Milktea Cookie Brûlée or a spoonful of l Okinawa Milk Tea Cake Cup (you read that right) developed in collaboration with Kumori.

Speaking of Kumori…


Taste and enjoy the best light and fluffy Japanese Cheese Tarts this side of the eastern Pacific Ocean. And how about that  scrumptious but  badass-looking Charcoal Melon Pan, developed in collaboration with BLK513.


The place might look like it caters exclusively to goth metal parades a la My Chemical Romance, but their Champorado Milkshake brings two things you didn’t know belong together. There’s also their signature black yogurt and  Red Velvet Cheese Sauce that is simply glorious.

Ending on a sweet note


Tucked away off to the side of Megamall Atrium, Sunnies makes itself  conspicuous with its assorted offerings that satisfy both tongue and tummy.  From fish and chips to Salted Caramelsutra and Spicy Garlic Butter Seafood Bowl, it’s got everything you crave for, or want to try for the first time. Its selection of wines and cocktails doesn’t disappoint, either. 


And lastly, we can’t send you off without a bouquet of flowers…made of gelato, of course, because that’s the sort of thing the world really needs right now.

While its  selection of desserts, pastas, pastries, and mains leaves you spoilt for choice between the Baked Herb Poulet, the Lengua de Champignon, Triple Layer Fudge Cake, or the immensely satisfying Prosciutto Pasta, it’s really the iconic Fleur Gelato that catches the eye and imagination.

Still, given how things are, the place offers people the opportunity to #CelebrateAtHome with a Sweet and Savory Box with a Singleton Whiskey tossed in for good measure—it’s instant party material!

🌹🌺 GELATO FLEURS: The first gelato flowers in the Philippines! Try our Italian gelatos freshly made everyday and watch…

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Whether you’re looking to get more of its S’mores or stocking up on its  Pork Bulgogi Banh Mi, Boulangerie22’s there to satisfy your cravings for all things sweet and savory.Whether you want something elegant, decadent, or just plain adorable on the table you’re also bound to find something here to really set the decor off.


National Donut Day is long past, but J. Co makes for a strong case for every holiday being celebrated with a donut. Make that a box of donuts in assorted flavors for sharing.

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