This Korean staple is being slept on, and we don’t appreciate that

What’s not to love about a dish made to your taste?

Like many others, I’m a fan of Korean food. It’s just hard to make a case against what’s essentially a cuisine that utilizes a diverse range of ingredients and bold, invigorating spices that coat your tongue with pure flavor.

Bulgogi, for example, is amazing because of course roasting beef over a hot grill and developing layers of textures and flavor would produce an irresistible dish; kimchi may be an acquired taste but on the whole it’s zesty and satisfying as a side dish to upgrade the blandest viand, and is  healthy as well; tteokbokki is an immensely gratifying snack, especially when you lay on a lot of beautifully melted cheese. I don’t even need to extol the virtues of Korean fried chicken, which manages to stay light and crispy and wears different sauces so well.

And then there’s bibimbap.

Bibimbap is a rice bowl but, unlike Japanese gyudon or oyakodon which play their flavors relatively straight, bibimbap hosts a great many toppings, all of them stellar on their own.. Think of how it’s impossible to pick out the “best” member of any one K-Pop group—everyone shines so you end up loving them all. Sure, some might prefer the well-seasoned egg or the smoky pork strips, but that doesn’t mean your love of sesame shiitake mushrooms is any less.

And if your favorite ingredient wasn’t mentioned above, don’t sweat it. There’s so much you can do with a bibimbap that trying to narrow it down to just one “correct” way of cooking and eating makes no sense. Want cheese with that?

Miss the taste profile of samgyeopsal but don’t want to give up your Bibimbowl? Easy.

It’s a relatively simple dish, not gonna lie, but the magic lies in the execution and ingredients. BonChon’s Bibimbowl is an easy recommendation for when you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get a little bit of everything you deserve.

So hey, go for it.

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