We found out how McDonald’s gives back to the community—and we’re lovin’ it

It's not just fried chicken and burgers—McDonald’s doesn't clown around when it comes to helping nurture the future

Maybe I’m showing my age a bit but does anyone else remember going totally wild in a McDonald’s PlayPlace growing up? They didn’t always smell the best, but it was really something else being a kid and having your own little kingdom to explore right where you could feast with family and newfound friends. The ball pits were a mystery and the tunnel windows offered views that made you feel like you were exploring uncharted lands.

But while PlayPlaces have been on their way out with the rise of personal entertainment gadgets, McDo’s excellent comfort food is here to stay. BTW, the McCrispy Chicken Fillet’s subtle spice is a good companion when you’re feeling down because of the loss of this personal playground.

Such loss of a fun place doesn’t mean McDonald’s doesn’t care. Quite the contrary, in fact, as its various charities would attest.

Making a difference brooks no clowning around

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RHMC) is a non-profit that gives a lot back to communities it’s been a part of. Between projects like Bigay Tulong, which has been giving aid to locales suffering adverse events via donations since 2007, or Bahay Bulilit fostering the growth of the next generation through 32 learning centers throughout the country, whole generations have found warmth and new opportunities under the golden arches.

It’s more than just handing out burgers, chicken or oodles of noodles; it’s about building bridges between people, and between individuals and their aspirations. Calamities rob people of opportunities and dreams, and without a decent foundation for later education, sometimes you don’t even get to dream for very long. RHMC has a hand in fighting this loss of dreams and aspirations.

While its mascot, Ronald McDonald, is a clown, this fast food giant has proven that when it comes to things that really matter, there’s just no joking around.

Looking towards a tomorrow you fight for

So yeah, maybe I’ll be among the last dinosaurs who remember the fast-vanishing PlayPlace, but that’s fine. That vista will remain a secret and forgotten memory, and it won’t come anywhere near what those kids that McDo has helped see when they stand on mountains and climb walls that they had toppled. It’s a brighter future they see yonder, thanks to the learning centers that a clown had built.

Because sometimes, all you need is a little bit of TLC and maybe some QPC* to build something great that goes past nostalgia and makes a proper difference in the world.

That would be a quarter pounder with cheese. You’re welcome

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