There’s a chicken dish for every kind of friend

Here’s how to “customize” chicken meals for your online BFF or trusted wing(wo)man

With the amount of time you spend with your friends, you probably know their quirks, personalities and interests better than anyone else. You also likely know which one of them—with their unique personalities, interests and roles in your life—would be the best person to ask certain things, like help with your relationships or conversations about your favorite shows. 

When hanging out with them, “personalizing” your shared meals would be  one great way to show your love for them. Knowing that you bought food you think they’d like or reminded you of them is guaranteed to make them feel special. It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to find either—something as satisfyingly simple as chicken will do. For every kind of friend you have, there’s a chicken dish that perfectly echoes their personalities. Here’s a guide we made for you.

The friend you met online from the same K-Pop fandom

Honey almond butter chicken from Bon Chon

You probably never expected to make a best friend online out of all places, especially since you’re always reminded to be careful when talking to strangers on the internet. But stan culture works in mysterious ways, so here you are with an online BFF who shares your love for K-Pop. And what better way to celebrate that stanning? A platter of Bon Chon’s honey almond butter chicken while you both stream your bias’ online concert or variety show appearance from the comfort of your own homes. 

The friend whose shoulder you can always cry on

Chickenjoy from Jollibee

Through thick and thin, this friend is and will always be at your side. Whether it’s heartbreak from your last relationship or frustration at school or work, you can count on them as a shoulder to cry on. That same feeling is what Jollibee’s Chickenjoy embodies. It reminds you of the way this friend makes you happy. Next time you meet them, share a bucket (or two). 

The friend who doesn’t mind witnessing your “kalat”

Chicken inasal from Mang Inasal

Everyone has their fair share of messy and cringe-worthy moments in life, and it takes a great friend to pull you out of it with no judgment. This friend helps you out in these situations, and they’re also only one call away whenever you need to vent or laugh about it after. Since they’ve already heard and witnessed your life’s kalat, they wouldn’t mind seeing you attack the very last bits of a chicken inasal leg from Mang Inasal using your bare hands. 

The high school or college friend you haven’t spoken to in years

1-pc. Chicken Mcdo with Rice from McDonald’s

A friend posts a throwback photo from high school or college on social media, you comment “OMG I miss this!” and next thing you know, you’re chatting and planning to meet so you can catch up after all these years of not seeing each other. Now, your shared interests might have changed but always remember: Nostalgia is a no-fail conversation starter. A plate of Chicken McDo will bring back memories from when you used to hang out at the fast food resto after school, doing your class project or simply chatting about your day. 

The friend you can rely on for movie marathons

Chick ‘n’ sauce from Chowking

Movie marathons are a common way to bond with your BFFs, and there’s always one you can turn to when deciding which new films to watch. Why? They have the best recommendations, they’ve figured out everyone’s tastes or they’re just plain passionate about films. So on your movie marathon night, prepare generous servings of crunchy bites they can snack on, like a bowl of chick ‘n’ sauce from Chowking.

The friend who never hesitates to be your wing(wo)man

Carbonara chicken combo from Greenwich

This is the friend who managed to help you score a date with that club cutie or that classmate you’ve been crushing on since the start of the semester. And with all the wing(wo)manning they’ve done for you, they deserve an extra treat on their plate. Get them a carbonara chicken combo from Greenwich to show your gratitude—and on the chance someone catches their eye, offer to be their sidekick.

The friend who introduced you to anime

Wasabi cheese wings bento from Tokyo Tokyo

Thank the heavens for your otaku friend who helped develop your newfound love for anime. From patiently guiding you on your first foray to anime culture to giving you A+ recommendations, this friend was the helping hand you needed. Enjoy a bento box with Japanese-style chicken like Tokyo Tokyo’s wasabi cheese wings, which are sprinkled with nori-wasabi seasoning, when you gather to discuss your fave anime’s latest episode or find new pieces to watch together.

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