The soups you’ve never heard of but have to try

Soup is—and will always be—the OG comfort food

Soup has always been there for us—on sick days, after painful tooth operations, during monsoon season and so many more. In Filipino cuisine, there are even soups that cater to a variety of taste preferences: sour, spicy, smokey and salty. 

But if you’re not that keen on reheating the same broth you’ve had frozen for weeks, here are some of the unusual soups you can try instead to step up your soup game. Hey, we’re open to all kinds of soup here, don’t judge.

Hototai Soup

Classic Savory's Hototai Soup
Classic Savory’s Hototai Soup

This soup has its origins in China and is a take on an egg drop soup (where a raw egg is whisked while it’s in hot broth). Aside from egg, the soup is packed with meat, vegetables and mushrooms. Seafood can be added as well for extra flavor. Since the broth is made thicker by the egg and it’s already jam-packed with ingredients, you can feel full after one serving, even if you haven’t eaten other side dishes. But don’t blame it on us when you find yourself missing out on other Classic Savory dishes.

Nido Soup

Classic Savory's Nido Soup
Classic Savory’s Nido Soup

Read on but promise not to be grossed out. Nido soup is the Filipino version of bird’s nest soup. In Asian cultures, bird’s nest soup is thought to help indigestion and strengthen the immune system. As the name implies, the soup comes with a bird’s nest. The catch? The bird’s nest in question isn’t made of twigs and leaves but bird’s saliva. But rest easy, because most restaurants serve this with mock nests—hooray for animal conservation. Compared to Hototai, it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients to make this unusual soup, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver on both taste and good feelings.

Spinach and seafood soup

Classic Savory's Spinach Soup
Classic Savory’s Spinach Soup

You might know of spinach as Popeye’s superfood and that leafy thing you throw in salads, but it’s actually a very versatile ingredient that packs a lot of nutritional benefits. This version from Classic Savory has pureed spinach and minced seafood—which is a combo I never expected as I’m usually the basic chicken broth type of girl.



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