The secret to the perfect grilled cheese sandwich

The secret is in the cheese, duh—and in your cooking pan

A grilled cheese sandwich is more than just slapping a slice of processed cheese between two stale pieces of bread. (Although sure that works, too.) 

Find a nice hearty loaf of bread. Slice a couple pieces that’s half an inch to an inch thick. Combine your favorite cheeses. Do you want mild and salty cheese? Mix hard and soft? Havarti and brie? Camembert and a bold cheddar? Grate a generous helping. 

Slather the bread in good quality butter. Some people—like Mariah—like mayo. (Yes, you heard us right.) Sandwich the cheese with your sliced bread, buttered side out.  

Now the important part. Don’t stick it in an oven or toaster. The ideal implement is a good cast iron pan. But without one, find a nice thick bottomed pan. Too thin and you’ll get uneven heat distribution. 

Over low to medium heat, get your pan nice and hot. Place bread butter side down. Cover the pan, insulating heat ensures that your cheese melts nice and fast. As soon as you get a nice golden brown crust, gently flip. Do this until your sandwich is nice and toasted. 

Enjoy with soup if you want to bask in a rainy day mood. Or pair with chips, if you’re going to sink into your couch and surf Netflix after a long day of work.


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