The quarantine dessert trends we’ll never get tired of

Remember when everyone had these desserts on their Instagram feed?

So many good dishes rose to popularity and filled our Instagram feeds during quarantine. But like most trends, the popularity of these delicious foods begin to dwindle once a new dish makes its round on the internet and catches people’s eyes. 

We’d like to make a case for these three dessert trends that we really enjoyed, though. Try these out from our recommended bakeries and see why we wish for them to stay popular in the long run.

Minimalist cakes

Minimalist cakes from Superlicious Bakeshop

Home bakers showed us during lockdown that cakes don’t need to be decorated extravagantly to look delectable. Emerging from South Korea, the trendy minimalist cakes had a simple fondant or buttercream covering and simple letterings only. 

For mouthwatering minimalist cakes, take them home from Superlicious Bakeshop. You can even personalize your orders with quirky messages, colorful frosting, and minimal accents.

Korean garlic bun

Korean garlic bun from The French Baker

Korean cream cheese garlic bread has everything we love in a pastry: butter, garlic, and cream cheese. This sweet and savory bun is a popular Korean street food stuffed with sweet cream cheese and soaked in garlic butter sauce.

Check out The French Baker’s take on the famous Korean Garlic Bun by buying it from The French Baker stores nationwide. Tip: Pair this soft bread with a steaming cup of coffee or your favorite pasta dish.


Ube halaya cheesecake from Divine Sweets Bakery and Cafe

Filipinos have loved ube for a long time, but the rise of ube pandesal during quarantine gave way for more ube-flavored pastries to take over the food scene—even outside our country. Cheesecake is one of the ube desserts that quickly became a crowd favorite, and we personally recommend Divine Sweets Bakery and Cafe’s sweet and creamy Ube Halaya Cheesecake.

Get it for P1,400 (whole) or P150 (slice) only. Divine Sweets Bakery and Cafe also offers other ube treats like Ube Macapuno Cake and Ube Pandan Cake.

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