The best drinks to cap off a Thanksgiving celebration

We could all use a drink after 2020, so here are a few faves ranging from “this is dangerously easy to make” to “oh wow, they have socially-distanced seating”

Thanksgiving is here and if previous years were any indication of what’s to come, the rest of 2020 is going to be a mad rush to get work done so we can all revel in the festive abandon ushering in the new year. I don’t honestly think many people will miss the last twelve months much, so hey, cheers to that.

Regardless of sheltering in place and social distancing, one thing that won’t change with the times is your ability to put together absolutely delicious drinks… given access to the ingredients you need, of course. I’m no barista but I’m always down to trying tasty new drinks! So here are a few ready-to-drink menu items and a few regular sets that you can “liven up” for fun.

While I’d love for everyone to have fun, I’m morally obligated to advise people to drink responsibly and observe social distancing protocols. Also please don’t spike drinks in public family-friendly spaces. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bingeing on Bingsu

Call me weird but hot coffee in the summer and cold shakes during the rainy season don’t sound too bad. It’s not for everyone, but I think we can all agree that a healthy splash of soju can help warm you up from the inside out when you need it, and the Choco Brownie Bingsu from Hobing is the perfect vehicle to bring out the natural flavor overtones in a shot of soju.

Drop a cointreau for your vanilla

I swear that is not a franchise reference. 

Cointreau is one of the more accessible triple secs in the market. Besides being relatively easy to find, it’s absolutely delicious and mixes in easily with most other drinks, thanks to the sweetness and zest of the oranges it uses. A 2oz measure of the stuff (it’s strong!) into a Bo’s Coffee Vanilla Freeze really highlights the flavors and adds a layer of complexity to a classic drink.

Loco for Calamanjito

Locavore is one of those places you develop an immediate liking to, and the fact that it comes with easy access to bar chow that inspires cravings on its own is just a neat bonus. 

Really, with some exceptions (that are totally forgivable), who can say no to bacon skewers?

I see lychee between you and me

This is a bit more involved, but it’s well worth the time invested. Chatime is one of my guilty pleasures, and its lychee green tea has been a regular feature on my desk for a few weeks now. Not the same exact cup, to be clear, that’s unhygienic which is a big red flag nowadays—I just end up ordering one more often than expected.

Take a few sips to clear some space and replace with the vodka of your choice, aiming for maybe a 1:6 ratio of booze to cha, before adding in a few thin, freshly-sliced cucumbers and a sprig of mint to top it  off.

Do you like piña coladas?

Cuz I do too, and as someone who might be doing certain galaxy-faring heroes proud with the number of times I’ve knocked back a few, I’m pretty sure Blackbeard’s Seafood Island ranks pretty high up there, and it won’t do your wallet much damage either!

… Yeah chalk that one up to maybe slightly dangerous, hah. Also no bonus points for anyone that gets that reference, it’s admittedly a bit overdone.

Kreme of the crop

I’m a sucker for doughnuts and knowing that walking into a Krispy Kreme offers me a guarantee of consistency means that besides knowing my cravings are gonna be sorted, I also know that they’ll be right at home in a more involved cocktail development process. This recipe is from Danielle Hatfield, and all you need are: 

  • 1oz. Evan Williams Green Label (or any other bourbon that suits you),
  • 1oz. Irish cream liqueur,
  • 2oz. Half and half,
  • 1oz. Vanilla simple syrup,
  • Hershey’s chocolate syrup (to taste), and
  • 1/4th Krispy Kreme glazzy

Add to a martini glass and stir, then use the quarter glazzy to garnish and keep the leftover doughnut as a snack. (Don’t give your cats doughnuts, they don’t really get along with carbs).

The call of kahlúa

Kahlúa is one of those drinks that tastes grand on its own, other than being on the “OH NO MY FACE IS BURNING” side of piquant, but a couple dashes into your favorite Dairy Queen classics just blends perfectly together. I rather like it with the berry-based mixes, but hey you do you!

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