Chatime’s Thai Milk Teas are back!

There’s something about milk tea that keeps us coming back for more. For one thing, it’s relaxing and refreshing. You can choose from a variety of drinks but we totally understand if you have one special blend that does it for you. We’re talking about the return of Chatime Thai Milk Tea Series and how it has left a wonderful flavor on our taste buds. We can’t wait to have it again.

Chatime Thai Milk Tea Series

As much as we want a trip to Thailand ASAP, Chatime brings the dream destination closer to us in every sip of the Thai Milk Tea. It has an intriguing orange color that would make you question things but trust us—it’s undeniably good. Indulge in the rich, creamy fusion of authentic black tea leaves and condensed milk. Top that with pearls for a more satisfying treat. Chatime lets us enjoy it twice with two Thai Milk Tea offerings!

Thai Milk Tea

Nothing beats the classic Thai Milk Tea. Chatime does its version of the popular Thai street food staple with the aromatic flavors of star anise, true cardamom and cloves served with the milk tea shop’s signature tapioca pearls. You’re definitely in for a refreshingly delicious blend!

Honey Thai Milk Tea

If you want to level up the milk tea experience, order the Honey Thai Milk Tea for some extra sweetness worth craving. It’s a healthy choice because honey is a good antioxidant! Compared to last year’s grass jelly add-ons, the latest drink also has golden pearls for you to try.

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