Telling them how you feel is a piece of cake

Send cakes as sweet as the messages they convey

People show their love and appreciation in different ways. Hugs, letters, or just hanging out together seem eloquent enough. But with social distancing becoming an imperative amid this pandemic, we have to be more creative in showing our friends, partners and family that we care about them.

Here’s an idea: Greeting Cakes from Goldilocks. You get to personalize the message and give them dessert. What’s not to like?  

Stumped on what to say?  Keep reading and you might just win Goldilocks’ certificates that can make showing appreciation a little bit easier!

“Kaya mo yan, sis”

A combination of coffee and chocolate flavors, Goldilocks’ Coffee Crumble cake has chocolate chips, coffee-flavored icing and buttercream rosettes.

Working from home can be exhausting for many. If your loved one feels stressed out, a Coffee Crumble cake with some words of encouragement should do the trick. It takes having coffee at work to a totally different level.

“Congrats on the pandemic wedding!”

A popular cake for birthday parties, Goldilocks’ Celebrate Greeting Cake comes in three flavors (mocha, choco and marble) and is covered in creamy icing.

Many plans have been sidelined or canceled due to the pandemic, weddings being one of the casualties. While some have opted to postpone their wedding next year, others have managed to hold simple ceremonies and Zoom celebrations. Why not show your love for the newlyweds with the Celebrate Greeting Cake?

Goldilocks’ signature caramel cake is made of soft chiffon mocha and vanilla cakes filled with caramel and vanilla butter filling. The icing is made of marbled caramel and topped with caramel sauce.

The Luscious Caramel Cake is really sweet, and ideal for expressing your feelings for your partner. This is the perfect gift for anniversaries or days when you’re missing that special someone. If you don’t have a partner and want to confess your true feelings to someone, you can send them this cake too.

“Sorry for replying late”

Goldilocks’ Greeting Cake made more special with a colorful drawing of a unicorn. It also comes in three flavors: mocha, choco and marble.

True friends will love us no matter what, even on days when we reply late or don’t reply at all, because life happened. If you feel like randomly sending them food to say you’re thinking about them, get them a Unicorn Greeting Cake with a message that only you two can laugh about.

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