Strapped for cash? Budget meals to the rescue!

Fill up your belly without emptying your wallet

Want a good meal but your wallet keeps screaming “No!!!”? Despair not. Here are budget meals from Mang Inasal that should save you from your hunger pangs and cash crisis. Take a bite of this win-win situation.

Chicken Inasal Regular

Solo serving of chicken inasal

Chicken will forever be a fave but chicken inasal is a perfect upgrade that fills your stomach and doesn’t hurt your mobile payment app. This is perfect for people who want to taste Mang Inasal’s signature chicken paa/pecho inasal but are (unfortunately) low on budget.

Pork Sisig

Solo serving of pork sisig with a cup of rice and sinigang soup

Some say spicy food makes you feel full even as you eat less. This scrumptious spicy pork sisig topped with mayo, chicharon, diced onions and sliced red chilli peppers can’t guarantee they’d rein in your appetite though.


Solo serving of palabok

Do you crave something other than plain rice? Something that’s creamy, crunchy and savory in one? This is it, pancit! Try Mang Inasal’s palabok with eggs, chicharon, pork and tinapa bits. Plus, it’s the perfect dish for those days when you feel like carbo-loading without rice.

1pc. Pork BBQ

1 pc. pork barbecue with a cup of rice and sinigang soup

Barbecue is yummy, but Pinoy-style barbecue with its distinct sweet and savory flavor is perfect. No wonder it’s everyone’s fave party food after lumpiang shanghai. So getting this affordable meal on a non-party day? Heaven!

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