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Christmas is the perfect opportunity to delight yourself in different food and treats. With all the parties, reunions, and gatherings that you are going to attend, it won’t be a surprise if you gain some holiday weight. Why not switch it up this year and go healthy when you’re craving for Christmas food


Check out this list of yummy and healthy food that you can try this festive season:

Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen

Gather the entire barkada for your annual holiday reunion at Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen and get a flavorful yet healthy and balanced meal. Feast on their wide variety of pho, noodles, and other traditional Vietnamese dishes. Known for being a cuisine that delivers fresh and clean flavors, you can enjoy every dish guilt-free!  



Their Goi Cuon or Fresh Spring Rolls are to die for! Make sure to get an order or two of these fresh (not fried!) spring rolls to start your meal.

Jamba Juice

Need an energy boost after all the Christmas shopping? Jamba Juice has just what you need to get some vitamins in your system. Whatever fruit combo you’re craving, Jamba Juice definitely has the perfect mix in their menu.


Strawberry lovers rejoice because the Strawberry Surf Rider Smoothie perfectly blends strawberry with lemonade, lime sherbet, and an unexpected partner — peach!

BLK 513

Out with your favorite pamangkins in the mall to visit Santa? If Santa says they were good this year, treat them to a delicious dessert from BLK 513! This healthy way of enjoying frozen yogurt has less fat and helps promote better digestion. 



The kids will definitely love a Dark Skim Cup served with the option of one crunch, two fruits, and one sauce. Know whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year and give a BLK 513 cookie as their reward!

Healthy Options

What better way to show love on your family and friends this Christmas than to care about their health? Healthy Options offers gift sets for your health-conscious loved ones. They have the Merrymaker’s gift box filled with assorted wholesome goodies, the Organic gift box for healthy eating, and the Heart Smart gift box for snacks low in sugar and sodium.



Why choose just one when you can get all three? There’s bound to be a special someone whom you can give each gift set to. Spread the love this Christmas the Healthy Options way!


Start your new year’s resolution early with some healthy greens and salads from SaladStop! They also have wraps and warm grain bowls to provide you with all your nutritional needs. Tag a friend to share this 2020 resolution with and to keep you in check!



Satisfy your tummy with their best-selling Omega 3 Baby! Salad. With key ingredients like lettuce, salmon, broccoli, and red onions, you get a hefty supply of protein, calcium, and – what else? – Omega 3!