Pizza flavors for every type of movie

Whether it's a solo screening or a group marathon, pizza will always be by your side

Movie buffs that don’t rely on popcorn as their movie snack, make some noise! While there are a lot of movie snack options, like fries and chips, most of them are not always readily available for delivery so pizza has been my go-to for quarantine screenings.

If picking a pizza flavor isn’t as easy as picking the next movie you’re going to watch, then here are some genre-based suggestions to make it a bit easier—and to widen your choices too, so you don’t feel as if you’re repeating a meal over and over.

Action: Pepperoni Overload

Greenwich pepperoni pizza flavor
Greenwich Pepperoni Overload

Action movies have everything—the death-defying stunts, the mystery, the fatal attraction and even an out-of-the-blue plot twist. While it can be overwhelming at times, it’s a genre that offers something for everyone. So when you finally safely gather with your friends for a physical watch party, channel the energy of a jam-packed action film with an overloaded pizza.

Romance: Cheeseburger

Greenwich cheeseburger pizza flavor
Greenwich Cheeseburger

Romance follows a simple formula: there’s a meet cute, they get together, they fight, then they either make up and live happily ever after or part ways and promise to forget each other. Even though it’s a simple foundation, it never gets tired because of the fresh takes on the genre. Cheese pizza is the same; we love it on its own but a few changes here and there make the meal even better.

Arthouse: Hawaiian Overload

Greenwich Hawaiian overload pizza flavor
Greenwich Hawaiian Overload

We get it, you’re cool and hip because you watch movies that only a select few know. Commit to being different from everyone with the most-contested pizza flavor of all time: Hawaiian. Like arthouse films, not a lot of people will understand its appeal, but hey, that doesn’t stop you from enjoying them and convincing others to like them, too. There’s a certain charm to appreciating something that only you seem to enjoy and in any case, a few slices of Hawaiian Overload pizza can make you feel full the next time you watch a seven-hour long experimental feature.


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