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Sometimes, you just can’t get through the day without a cup of coffee to energize you. While some of us may have our go-to cafes and fixed orders, it’s still great to try something new and go beyond the usual. Here’s a quick list of unique coffee places to try when you’re up for something new:


Zoo Café

Image Credit: @zoocoffeeph | ig


Zoo Café might just be one of the cutest cafes in town. This Korean café transports you right in the heart of safari with its adorable stuffed animals lying around everywhere. The café’s perfect mix of rustic interior and comforting nature is ideal for those seeking a quick escape from the busy city. In addition, the café also offers unique Korean drinks like teas and lattes infused with red ginseng.



Image Credit: @ucccafeph | ig


As one of the oldest coffee chains in Japan, UCC prides itself with its special Japanese coffee blends. If you’re looking for something unusual to try, UCC’s Kori Kohi is a must-try. The brand’s iconic drink is composed of coffee iced cubes served with warm milk. As you pour the warm milk, it gently melts the ice cubes and blends together. It’s a fun spin to your usual lattes.



Image Credit: @satchmiteam | ig


More than just a coffee place, Satchmi is actually more of a lifestyle specialty store with a mishmash of coffee, music, and photography rolled into one. Aside from food and drinks, customers can also shop vinyl records, turntables, film cameras and accessories. If you enjoy sipping good coffee while listening to good music, it’s the perfect coffee spot for you.


Visit Zoo Café, UCC and Satchmi at SM Supermalls.