Milk Tea For Every Mood: Your Complete Guide To Flavors Based On How You Feel

With the milk tea craze showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon, we’re sure you’ve tried all the famous drink flavors by now. In its most basic form, milk tea is simply milk, tea, and ice. But did you know there are milk tea flavors to match your mood

Whether you’re heartbroken, happy, or just need a quick pick me up — sometimes you just need a drink that fits your emotions for the day. So, if you want to slurp on a milk tea that hits the feels, here is the ultimate guide! 

When You’re In Love: Bon Appetea Love Potion No. 9

Love Potion of Bon Appeatea
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Have you been bitten by a love bug? Then, the Bon Appetea Love Potion No. 9 is the milk tea for your mood! 

Among all the flavor options Bon Appetea offers, the Love Potion No. 9 will certainly remind you of that all too familiar feeling of falling in love. Even its name is specially made for those who are utterly infatuated. 

The Love Potion No. 9 is made with tasty ingredients like Assam black tea, vanilla, and crushed Oreo bits. Sip on something seriously sweet to match your kilig mood today! Or better yet, order this milk tea flavor when you finally go on that date with that special person in your life.  

When You Feel Like Reminiscing The Past: Black Scoop Cafe Hershey’s Milk Tea

Whether it’s a memory about playing with childhood friends or getting a bar of chocolate as a reward for finishing tasks — sometimes you just feel like reminiscing about the past. 

Take a trip down memory lane with Black Scoop’s nostalgic Hershey’s Milk Tea! It is created with the famous chocolate bar everyone loves and topped with delicious chocolate pudding. They also have other nostalgic soft-serve flavors like Ovaltine and White Rabbit.

When You’re Feeling Creative: Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Panda Milk Tea

The long lines at any of Coco Fresh Tea & Juice branches just prove their milk teas are mighty good. Among all the flavors, the star is undoubtedly the Panda Milk Tea, which will give you a perfect mix of chewy black and small white tapioca pearls. 

You shouldn’t miss this tasty drink because each sip will fuel your creativity and curiosity. You’ll never know which pearl you’ll get! The Panda Milktea’s black-tea base and milk will also offer the perfect velvet flavor for your palate.

When You Finally Decide To Go Healthy: Gong Cha Taro Milk Tea 

So, you need a healthier excuse to satisfy your milk tea cravings. Taro Tea from Gong Cha is the answer! Eating healthy doesn’t mean being boring. Don’t feel guilty sipping on the Taro Tea because its fresh pureed taro is low in calories, an excellent source of fiber, and packed with micronutrients

When You Need A Pick Me Up: Serenitea Assam Milk Tea

Serenitea Assam
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The daily challenges in life can be downright stressful and tiring. Now more than ever is the time to sip on a pick-me-up drink like the Serenitea Assam Milk Tea. This full-bodied milk tea has a stronger and more distinct tea taste. It also comes with a higher caffeine content, so it’s sure to give you that energy boost! 

When You’re Heartbroken: Chatime Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea

Red Bean Milk Tea from Chatime
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If you’re going through a post-breakup heartbreak or things just aren’t working out with your love life, grab the Chatime Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea. This milky Japanese green tea topped with sweet Tokachi red beans is sure to offer you a consoling effect. It’s gonna be okay, we’re with you on this!

When You Feel Like Treating Yourself: Macao Imperial Tea Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea 

Did you achieve a milestone in your life or do you just feel like indulging in something sweet? The Macao Imperial Tea Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea are loved by many and for good reason. 

Sipping on this drink truly feels like spoiling yourself because of the combination of brewed tea, rich salted cream cheese, and chewy pearls. From now on, there’s nothing but self-love ahead of you. 

Key Takeaway

Whatever emotions you are feeling right now, there are milk tea flavors to match your mood. At SM Shopmag, we’re here to help you find the right drink (or even the best Philippine food and restaurants for dining!). So head to your favorite milk tea branches and indulge in something seriously delicious today!

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