#DineInSM: 5 Lucky Dishes To Eat This Chinese New Year

Need a little luck in your life? Welcome the year of the Ox with lucky Chinese New Year food from these top-notch restaurants.

Perhaps one of the best things about Chinese New Year is how families get together and eat delicious dishes. Certain dishes are served during this festivity for their symbolic meanings like wealth, prosperity, unity, and long life. 

Most of the time, the busy days get us, and we don’t have time to prepare for the celebration. What’s the solution? #DineInSM to celebrate the most-awaited festivity and explore diverse flavors that fit every appetite!

Here is a Philippine food and restaurant guide on the lucky Chinese New Year food and their symbolism. 

Spring Rolls 

Spring Rolls

Resembling bars of gold, spring rolls are believed to bring wealth. These deep-fried, crispy rolls can be stuffed with various fillings — pork, bean sprouts, and other assorted veggies. 

We can’t deny that spring rolls are a Filipino favorite. It isn’t a surprise to find the lumpia gone in just minutes during celebrations! So if you want to manifest extra luck, try eating some Lumpia Prito from Kuya J!   

Longevity Noodles

Make your Friday extra special with Classic Savory's Long Life Pancit Canton! CELEBRATE the flavorful noodle dish loaded…

Posted by Classic Savory on Thursday, August 27, 2020

Longevity noodles symbolize long life. According to Chinese tradition, the longer the noodle, the luckier you will be. Their length and unsevered preparation are said to bring longer life! That said, head to Classic Savory for your noodle fix. 

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried their Long Life Pancit Canton. This all-time Chinese favorite is made with fresh egg noodles and sautéed with vegetables, seafood, and meat. It’s a dish that perfectly blends sweet and salty flavors. Don’t worry about the luck aspect too, it’s called the Long Life Pancit Canton for a good reason. 

Pair this with Yang Chow Fried Rice and Nido Soup with Quail Eggs for a complete filling and lucky meal! 


Image Credit: David’s Tea House | Instagram

With a history of more than 1,800 years, dumplings are widely popular in Northern China and a classic lucky dish for Chinese New Year. This dish can be made to look like silver ingots (boat-shaped, oval, and turned up at the two ends) which symbolize wealth. 

It is believed that the number of dumplings you eat during Chinese New Year celebrations predict the amount of money you’ll be making in the year ahead. Obviously, the more, the better! So you might want to try the Assorted Dimsum Platter from David’s Tea House. It’s a feast that includes all kinds of dumplings like shark’s fin dumplings, shrimp siomai, kuchay dumplings, steamed shanghai dumplings, and many more. 


Image Credit: North Park | Facebook

Fun fact! Did you know that the Chinese word for fish is a homophone for , which means surplus? Chinese people like to have a surplus at the end of the year because they perceive to have saved and hence, make more savings in the coming year. It is a type of lucky food that increases prosperity. 

A whole fish is a staple in Chinese New Year menus and is often steamed and served with a simple sauce on the side. Take delight in North Park Noodles’ delicious Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet! 

Along with the fish fillet, you can also enjoy dishes suitable for sharing with the family to welcome Chinese New Year joyfully. Try their King Dao Spareribs, Fish Congee, Nanking Beef Noodles In Soup, and North Park Special Fried Rice With Sauce. All of these give a worthy nod to traditional Chinese dishes.


Image Credit: Hap Chan | Website

The list for lucky dishes to eat this Chinese New Year wouldn’t be complete without  dessert! For this reason, try the Almond Jelly with Lychee from Hapchan! According to the legend, lychee brings close family ties.  

Filled with delectable almond slices then topped with juicy cherries and lychees, it is a refreshing dessert perfect for ending your feast. 

Key Takeaway

Don’t forget to try these lucky Chinese New Year food! Thanks to our neighboring country, you can infuse much-needed luck in your year ahead. Come and enjoy the festivity to the fullest and #DineInSM! 

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