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Food Photos by Gabby Cantero

There are several questions that never get easier to answer, no matter how many times you ask them. One such question is “Where to eat for lunch?” There are a lot of restaurants to choose from. But not all of them are the best options.

Good thing SM Supermalls houses a lot of exciting choices that you won’t regret. Depending on your mood and budget, there’s a lunch plate ready to be served especially for you. From some new names to old favorites with revamped offerings, here’s what’s cooking!

1. Vikings

Ranging from different world cuisines from the Eastern and Western hemisphere, Vikings is sure to delight everyone with their sumptuous feast! The best part? This award winning luxury buffet gives the opportunity to experience quality meals from around the world that’ll surely satisfy anyone’s appetite.

2. Kam’s Roast

Coming from Hong Kong, this Michelin-starred restaurant is going to serve you an old favorite that’s hard to perfect: roast duck. It’s the melt-in-your-mouth, a little too sinful kind so better prepare yourself.

3. Nara Thai Cuisine

South East Asian cuisine is in constant dialogue among the different nations in the region. Thai food is such an easy favorite for us Filipinos because it also has influences and tastes similar to our dishes. Nara Thai Cuisine, for example, serves Gai Tord Sauce Manao (Crispy Fried Chicken in Lime Sauce) which just marks off every other craving we have on a regular Wednesday afternoon.

4. Ogetsu Hime

There’s always room for good Japanese food. At Ogetsu Hime, you must order the Matsusaka Sukiyaki for sharing with a few friends. The perfect warm noodle soup dish to find refuge with during the incoming rainy days.

5. Epilogue

Japanese-European bistro Epilogue is here to tell you a culinary story. They combine traditional Japanese beliefs with a European twist. A chef is assigned for each of the four categories found in their menu: pizza and Italian cuisine, steak, pastries, and bread. The end result are indulgent options like Wagyu: a pizza with Wagyu beef, mushrooms, and string beans capped off with Sriracha dressing.

6. Rossini Italiano Ristorante

If you want the authentic Italian experience, look no further than this restaurant. Found among the posh S Maison roster, prepare yourself for this one when you want to indulge. Get some Veal Ossobuco Piemontase for an A+ meal that you’d thought you’d have to fly out of the country for.

7. Nha Em

At Nha Em, dining is also about the experience. Try the Banh Xeo, a special pick of the restaurant staff itself. Wrap a crispy banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes) in a mustard leaf before dipping it in nuo cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce) for a wrap-and-roll meal. You’re surely going to lick your fingers for this one.

8. The Lost Bread

Diversifying from the shakes and dessert-inspired drinks, The Lost Bread also has their Affordabowl. A clever play on words, they come in Sriracha Chicken, Sinigang Beef Sukiyaki, Truffled Sisig, and Beef Tapa for the hungry one that can’t be bothered with anything complicated just for a good grub.

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