LIST: V-Day gifts that aren’t flowers

Bouquets are timeless but cravings are time bound

Hey there, loverboys and girls. Got your V-Day gift plans sorted? Yes, I’m talking to both boys and girls as gender roles should’ve been left in 2020 and everyone deserves to feel loved on this special day. Treat your partner this Valentine’s Day by sending a wonderful surprise to start their day off with a laugh. With these fun and unique presentations, they’re bound to clutch their phone and go straight to the ‘Gram armed with #blessed and #obsessed.

A box of chocolates but make it sushi

Get off your couch right this moment and get yourself in an artsy mood ’cause we’re not settling for ordinary this Valentine’s Day. If your partner is a big lover of Japanese cuisine then boy, do I have a plan for you. Order your partner’s favorite sushi and arrange them prettily in a can. Add some paper art such as sakura petals and hearts to emulate that adorable bento box aesthetic—heart-shaped cans are a big bonus to make this surprise work. Got any old chocolate you can reuse for that added deception? Go for it! Just make sure it’s clean. Of course  there’s always an option to get them both a box of chocolates and sushi rolls to give  the best of both worlds. Switch the containers and satisfy their sweet and savory cravings with this gift that will make them say oishi!

California maki party tray and Dragon maki from Tokyo Tokyo

#streetsweet: Barbeque sticks over flower stems

(Giving myself a big pat on the back for this idea.) Here’s to our street food enthusiast SO! Who says inihaw can’t be romantic? To those couples who miss their street food dates, here’s an idea that will take you back to the good times pre-pandemic: flower stems but make them barbeque sticks. Gather her favorite delicacies on a stick and tie them together to make your very own inihaw bouquet! Don’t be stingy with your wrappers and bow, as presentation plays an important part in this surprise. Make them swoon with a bouquet that will get them thinking ‘you know me so well.’ Just a tip, from 2:00 to 4:00P.M., Mesa will be having a live acoustic singer to keep you company as you dine if you want to have an intimate dining experience to go with this romantic gesture.

Inihaw sampler and All meat sampler from Mesa

A jar of hearts or a jar of donuts?

Life is a box of chocolates, while  love is a box of donuts. But why settle for regular chocolates and donuts when you can have both as chocolate donuts? Or, even better, a variety of flavors. Whip out a big mason jar and fill it  with colorful donuts for that trendy aesthetic. What’s great about donuts is that they not only taste great but they look so cute—perfect for the ‘Gram!— that presentation won’t be a problem. Add some limited edition menu items such as Dunkin Donuts Choco Butternut mini hearts donuts, and you can really say you’ve sent a jar of hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Munchkins and Choco Butternut mini hearts donuts from Dunkin Donuts

Sure, a bouquet of roses is a quintessential gift between lovers but it wouldn’t hurt to have a little fun during this unorthodox Valentine’s Day experience. Cliches are great and often foolproof but they can take away intimacy. Keep the passion in your relationship alive by trying new things and always aim for personalizing gifts. Your SO is sure to appreciate your surprise more knowing that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into it. #LuckInLoveAtSM

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