Let’s talk about patriarchy and why men consume more meat

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with something other than chocolates and flowers

Ladies and gentlemen: It’s the 22nd century and it’s about time we keep an open mind about  changing traditions and the rigidity of gender roles. Change up your first quarantine Valentine’s Day by filling it with savory food to really get them below the belt.

Here’s to our mahal: “PATA’y na patay ako sayo”

Have an S.O. who loves Filipino cuisine? Are they a sucker for heart stopping and tension inducing surprises? What better way to say mahal kita than sending them our country’s beloved crispy pata to make them feel extra loved on this special day. Satisfy their cravings and give their expectations an extra kick this Valentine’s Day and you’re sure to make them fall in love all over again. Maybe wrap up  some medicine too for safety precautions and some laughs.

Crispy pata from Mesa

To the SO with a wild side: “THAI me up like I’m surprised. Let’s role play, I’ll wear a disguise” 

Here’s to our Thai cuisine loving partners who have a little wild side they aren’t afraid to hide. This 2021, we’re giving our 101 percent to our partners who deserve all the love and support. Go, best friend! With a matching #WAP live or video performance, you’re sure to make them fall in love or at least fall out of their chair from laughing. It’s a win-win. Keep your relationship exciting with little tricks to spice things up every now and then.

Nasi Lemak Fish from House of Thai by Mackies

To those looking for some reconciliation, we got you: “Leaving you was a miSTEAK. Can we MEAT again?”

First things first: Admit that you were wrong—if you are in the wrong. We’re about healthy relationships this 2021. Hey, don’t get us wrong. As happy as anyone would be with receiving some quality steak, we can’t guarantee a steak can fix all your relationship problems so a heartfelt apology must come with it. If nothing changes after, then it’s time to let go, move on and love yourself. The steaks were high, you did what you could, and we’re proud of you. Well done.

Porterhouse steak from Kangaroo Jack

Feeling soft or hard this V-Day?: “You make me MELT”

In the mood to make bae swoon this day of hearts? Send her some savory sandwiches to remind her that she sets a fire in you. When was the last time you said something cliche yet heart fluttering to your partner? Cliches are cliches for a reason and there’s no harm in going a little soft this V-day for the one you love. They may cringe and laugh but I can guarantee you they’re already taking their phones out to document this and tell the world about how they’re  the luckiest person on earth to have a cheesy lover like you. 

Pan de Bistec Sandwich from Pepi Cubano   

Here’s to our low maintenance relationships: “I love our low MIEN-tenance relationship” 

Hey, Valentine’s Day is not limited to romantic partners and so is the concept of soulmates. Give your best friends and other half some love this day with stir fried noodles and a great reminder that though time and distance may keep you apart, your strong bond will never falter. For some pizazz, maybe add that you wish for an even longer time with them for even crazier and priceless memories.

Chow Mien Stir Fried Noodles from Tim Ho Wan

To our best friend and soulmates: “You’re my SOYmate”

How great it is to find both a best friend and lover in your partner. With distance being a common problem shared by couples this Valentine’s Day, neglecting one’s partner is a possibility we might overlook. So I’m reminding you now to spend a little more time with your SO and tell them about the things you love about them. Send your soulmate the same meal you’re eating and have a virtual date. Even when you can’t be together physically, communication is still key and chances are, they missed you too. 

Beef with broccoli from Wangfu Chinese Cafe

Dear Hubby/Wifey: “If you like it then you should’ve put a WING on it—and I did!”

Any married people here? If you want to bring back the old flame of youthful romance, a simple fast food delivery is sure to remind you and your partner of your early years together. Remember when going out for fast food was enough to bring you butterflies? Toning things down and adding a little humor into your celebration is a great way to remind them that even after all these years, you’re just as in love with them as you were when you first met, if not more. Might I also suggest a pun I so proudly came up with: “Every angel needs wings.” Remind your partner that life with them is heaven on earth.

Cool ranch from Wing Zone

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