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We’re all familiar with thanksgiving but, how about friendsgiving? Since thanksgiving celebrations are usually spent with the family, friendsgiving gives way for friends to feast together and give gratitude to each other. Start a new tradition among your squad this year and have a friendsgiving at these Instagrammable restaurants!


Sunnies Café

Image Credit: @sunniescafe | ig


Perfect for brunching, Sunnies Café is your next dainty food destination. With its pastel and chic, dreamy interiors, Sunnies Café looks just like its straight out of a Pinterest mood board. Grab a bite of their must-try Butcher Steak when you and your friends visit!


Buku Buku Kafé

Image Credit: @bukubukukafe | ig


Up for some chill afternoon while drinking coffee and reading a book? Buku Buku Kafe is the perfect spot for the creative cliques. Delight yourself and friends with the café’s artistic and colorful interiors, murals, book-inspired ceiling lights, and vintage decors. Order Sisig Nacho and Bagnet at Chicharon Bulaklak for sharing!


Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

Image Credit: @flossomkitchencafe | ig


Take a break from the metro’s busy and bustling atmosphere and indulge yourself in a garden-like restaurant called Flossom Kitchen + Café. A refreshing spot and a visual feast for the eyes, it’s just irresistible not to post a picture of this restaurant on your Instagram feed. Aside from its beautiful interiors, Flossom Kitchen + Café also serves comfort food such as Ube Champorado and Strawberry Cream Pancake.





Header Image Credit: @bukubukukafe | ig