How to get the best quarantine birthday cake

Buy the cake of your dreams, feel extra festive

We can forego the parties and the karaoke, but there’s one thing birthdays should always have: cake. Home bakers may take this opportunity to practice the skills they learned throughout quarantine to make the cake of their dreams. 

But for baking noobs and people with no time to spare, ordering cake is the best option. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the best quarantine birthday cake, though. Here’s how we do it, in case you need some help.

Pick your favorite flavor

Cakes from Swiss Baker

We won’t blame you if you’ve gotten tired of common flavors like chocolate and mocha. Swiss Baker has an excellent variety of cake flavors you can choose from. Those who love chocolate can try the Choco Fudge or Italian Cake, while those who want a tinge of fruit can order the decadent Black Forest Cake. They also have Tiramisu and Yema Cake for people who like their cakes extra sweet.

Customize your cake design

Customized cake from Sabie Bakes

Want your birthday cake to stand out? Ditch the pre-designed store-bought cakes and get a customized birthday cake instead. Sabie Bakes can bring any design to life using handcrafted buttercream or fondant toppings and details. You can even request multi-tiered and textured cakes. We recommend that you order customized cupcakes to match your cake as well—because it’s your birthday and you deserve to treat yourself to the max.

Not a fan of cakes?

Tikoy from Salazar Bakery

If sweets or pastries aren’t your cup of tea, try rice cakes instead. We personally recommend tikoy, which you can eat all year round and not just during Chinese New Year. Tikoy is believed to usher in good luck and prosperity, which complements the pancit platter (for long life!) that we’re sure you’d also have on your table. Order the bestselling Special Tikoy from Salazar Bakery now and bring fortune for your entire year.

Don’t forget the candles!

Fountain candles from Hannah’s Cake Decors & Party

Maybe we watch K-dramas too much, but we’ve gotten curious about birthday candles that look like sparklers. They’re called fountain candles, and you don’t have to worry about trying them out because they’re safe to use indoors. When lit, these candles make it seem like there’s a mini-fireworks display on your cake. Get a pack of these colorful fountain candles from Hannah’s Cake Decors & Party branches nationwide.

Bonus: Bring out the lechon

Lechon Paksiw from Lechon Haus

What’s a Filipino birthday celebration without lechon to match your sumptuous cake? For only P109, you can already enjoy a generous serving of Lechon Paksiw with unli-rice in all Lechon Haus stores.

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