Here’s why canned goods don’t deserve the slander

Don't talk to me or my canned tuna ever again

I spent two decades believing all canned goods weren’t that great taste-wise. I think I even gave the corned tuna cans in my cupboard the stink eye at some point. But I was today years old when I found out that this wasn’t entirely true.

A stocked pantry is a useful pantry. An ideal mix would be 70 percent fresh produce, 30 percent dried, canned. (If that’s impossible, work some dried herbs and vegetables into your meals as much as possible.) 

If you’ve got lots of canned goods in your kitchen, find ways to make them exciting. Here’s a recipe for gluten-free corned beef muffins (that’s carb-free, too). Jeweler Janina Dizon combined her pantry staples: eggs, corned beef and cheese.

Canned tomato sauce, dried pasta and seasoning can make for a respectable meal. Just check out this spicy fusilli pasta, inspired by LA institution Jon & Vinny’s. 


The true ingredient to a tasty meal is resourcefulness—I’m quoting my mom here. Make sure to check the can’s label before purchasing. Is it FDA approved? Does it have a Nutrition Facts Label? 

After that, the rest is creativity.

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