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Food is the gift that keeps on giving, as it nourishes both mind and body. Here’s a primer on selecting the ideal holiday nosh—from size and range to taste and tang.

Add variety


As much as we love our classic Noche Buena staples, we should also try to bring something new to the table. Christmas ham, spaghetti, and fried chicken will never go out of style, but other types of dishes
from other cuisines can also bring a new kind of excitement to our culinary traditions.

Go big on desserts

Do not limit yourself to the usual sweet faves. Go big and explore more! Just for this season, allow the kids (and even the young at heart) to indulge on all sorts of desserts.

Always consider the servings

We all know that eating is a big part of Filipino gatherings. So when joining potluck dinners and bringing food gifts, always make sure that what you have is good for sharing and can feed as many grumbling tummies as possible. After all, food tastes better when shared, right?

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