All the Greenwich pizzas you can order under P999

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy good food

While you generally get what you pay for, that doesn’t always hold true when you happen to stumble across excellent deals. You can get a lot more for your hard-earned cash across a pretty generous spread of price ranges:

You’re happy with your gift and don’t mind splurging on lots of good food

For ₱999 you can get one each of Greenwich’s nine famous Overload pizzas or a good-for-six Barkada Bundle that includes pizza, pasta, and crisp, juicy chicken. This isn’t a bad deal even when the alternative is six people each getting a whole pizza and a half!

The Greenwich Barkada Bundle for Six

Then again you can get something better for just a bit more

But maybe you somehow, inexplicably, want to spend a bit less so you can add a bit more pizazz to presents you want to get  people in your life. ₱800 can get you a really nice pair of tassel-style earrings, but ₱465 gets you a Lasagna Supreme Regular Pan, ₱179 gets you a Pizza Loaded Combo E a la carte, and ₱99 a whole entire Classic Greenwich pizza—that’s immediately ₱57 off!

₱799 also gets you a good-for-five Barkada Bundle with enough pizza, potato waves, and pasta that’s guaranteed to fill out the dinner table.

Lasagna Supreme Regular Pan
Greenwich Cheesy Bacon & Ham Classic
Greenwich Pizza Loaded Combo E

Maybe you really want to impress with your gifts but don’t want to compromise on good food

But say you really wanted to spend a lot on a gift for a special someone and still want to stick to your budget for food. You might think that we’d be stumped at this point, but that’d be stretching it more than pizza dough after a second proofing. 

If after buying that slick pair of shoes or fancy bottle of ink they’ve been hinting at for weeks you’ve got ₱599 left for dinner. You can either get a good-for-four Barkada Bundle with pizza, pasta, and more potato waves or a 12” Barkada Dealicious Duo with enough cash left over to spend on a basic skincare routine (because really, between the weather and all this pizza, it might be worth moisturizing a bit).

Greenwich All-in Overload and Cheeseburger Classic Pizzas

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