Craving chicken? These foodie-approved fast food chains are now just one Viber away

We’re not just here for the chicken though, we’re also here for a chance to get some free food

I don’t know about you but chicken was a big part of my childhood. It was my holy grail. There was even a time when I was sick and I convinced my parents that chicken was the only thing that could make me feel better. Was it embarrassing? Yes. Did I regret it? Hell nah. (I got what I wanted, after all.)

Now that I think about it, I never really cared about brands. As long as I got to eat chicken, I was good. While most people crave chicken from their favorite chains, there I was, jumping from one resto to another. So if you enjoy exploring chicken choices as much as I do (or you’re just planning to do a chicken mukbang very soon), I asked random foodies to recommend some local chicken chains that may likely be worth your taste buds. You’re welcome.

Mang Inasal

Paa (large) with rice from Mang Inasal

“Mang Inasal is best known for their unlimited rice. But it’s time to give their grilled chicken some credit. It’s honestly huge for a single serving. Plus, it doesn’t lack flavor. You really get your money’s worth—maybe even more,” said Margarette, 22, a self-proclaimed ambassador of budget meals.

Pinoy halo-halo from Mang Inasal

Want some dessert? You may order Mang Inasal’s signature Pinoy halo-halo alongside your chicken meal via SM Takeout & Delivery on Viber.


Honey almond butter K-style wings from BonChon

Korean-style chicken is really popular these days so I wasn’t surprised that it made it on the list (as it should, tbh). “As a K-drama enthusiast, I like BonChon as it is the closest thing I can get to Korean fried chicken,” said Gianne, 22, who currently has over 20 certifications from online culinary courses. “It’s different eh, it’s not your usual savory fried chicken. It’s sweet but not overwhelmingly so,” she added. BonChon has five different flavors to choose from: honey almond butter, soy garlic, spicy, honey citrus and crunchy garlic. 

Jjampong spicy seafood noodle soup from BonChon

Now if you want to sprinkle more K-drama ~feels~ to your meal, you may order BonChon’s chapchae, jjampong spicy seafood noodle soup, Seoul fried rice or bulgogi noodle soup via SM Takeout & Delivery on Viber.

Buffalo Wings N’ Things

K-Pop and chipotle lime chicken wings from Buffalo Wings N’ Things

“Who doesn’t love chicken wings? They’re the bomb and Buffalo Wings N’ Things have all the flavors you wouldn’t usually see at other wing places,” said Sil, 26, a cook assistant at a startup diner in Cavite. Well, that’s true. Buffalo Wings N’ Things have classic flavors such as garlic parmesan and yangnyeom but they also have unique ones such as chipotle lime and roasted sesame. And they’re only one call away via SM Takeout & Delivery on Viber!


6-pc. Original Chickenjoy solo bucket from Jollibee

“Chickenjoy is a classic. You can’t do chicken chain hopping without Jollibee on your list. You just can’t,” said Luna, 24, a full-time SEO specialist and a part-time quarantine chef. Don’t you agree though? I bet you even sang along “Isa pa, isa pang Chickenjoy!” in front of the telly. I did, too. And if my memory serves me correctly, it was the reason I fell in love with fried chicken as a child.

Spicy Chickenjoy with rice from Jollibee

“They also offer Spicy Chickenjoy for those who are obsessed with making their tongues burn. They literally have the best of both worlds,” added Luna. Overall, Chickenjoy is something you wouldn’t get tired of eating even as you get older. It’s a dish that can provide both comfort and joy. I guess it really lives up to its name, huh? Order now via SM Takeout & Delivery on Viber.


2-pc. Chicken McDo from McDonald’s

Another classic, another crowd favorite. “Chicken McDo has a little kick of spice compared to other brands and that’s why I love it,” said Julianne, 25, an unapologetic McDo stan her whole life (her words, not mine). “It’s crunchy and juicy. Plus, the gravy complements the chicken so well,” she added.

6-pc. Chicken McNuggets with fries from McDonald’s

But if you’re too lazy to deal with chicken bones, McDonald’s got you. Besides fried chicken, the fast food chain also offers McCrispy Chicken Fillet and 6-pc. Chicken McNuggets—bone-free and easy to eat. Get both via SM Takeout & Delivery on Viber.

Classic Savory

Classic chicken (half) from Classic Savory

Let’s take a break from breaded fried chicken. Did you know that Classic Savory doesn’t use any breading? Instead, they marinate the chicken in a secret sauce and spices before deep frying, making the skin soft and meat juicy. “Lately, I’m digging their classic chicken. It doesn’t have that crunch to it which I liked. And their signature gravy is so good, too,” said Gabby, 22, an aspiring food vlogger (they still lack equipment so they haven’t launched their channel yet—let them live).

Yang chow fried rice from Classic Savory

Classic Savory chicken is best partnered with their own yang chow fried rice or miki bihon. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now via SM Takeout & Delivery on Viber.

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Classic roasted chicken (quarter) from Kenny Rogers Roasters

“I actually took a break from eating fried chicken. I’m currently into roasted chicken so I recommend Kenny Rogers Roasters. They use rotisserie fire when roasting the chicken, allowing fat to escape while the roasted flavor seeps in,” said Jamila, 24, who strongly believes that food makes the world go round.

Philly cheese steak and roast chicken fajita pizzas with baked mac and cheese platter and 1.5 liter of Pepsi

FYI: Besides rotisserie-roasted chicken, Kenny Rogers Roasters also offers corner pizzas. And if you buy two corner pizzas from Mar. 19 to Apr. 4, 2021, you can get a baked mac and cheese platter and 1.5 liter of Pepsi for free. You may avail it now via SM Takeout & Delivery on Viber.


1-pc. chicken meal with rice and soup from KFC

“If we’re talking about fried chicken, KFC has to be on the list. There’s just something so addictive about it that I can’t pinpoint,” said Renz, 22, a young husband who finds satisfaction in spoiling his wife (and daughter) with food. I had to know what he was talking about so I did my research. I discovered that KFC uses 11 secret herbs and spices. So that must be why their fried chicken is so addictive, right?

Chicken Chops à la carte from KFC

KFC also offers Chicken Chops à la carte mainly for people who crave chicken but are on a budget. You may order their chicken meals and more via SM Takeout & Delivery on Viber.

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