Ditch the ice and get milk tea hot—you’ll thank us later

Yes, we like our milk tea hot. Yes, we exist

We never thought there would come a day when we would pit hot milk tea against iced milk tea but here we are. And we’re pretty sure everyone will choose iced over hot any day due to this hellish weather. But did you know that drinking hot milk tea has more benefits than iced?

It boosts your energy levels

Hot taro milk tea from CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

If you aren’t too fond of drinking coffee but want something to wake you up in the middle of the day, a hot cup of milk tea might just be the solution for you. Milk tea contains carbohydrates and sugar which are energy sources.

It helps relieve congestion

Hot strawberry milk tea from Gong cha

According to PAGASA, we entered the rainy season in June (though the sweat on my back begs to differ). And that only means one thing: the season of stuffy nose, sore throat and fever has officially started. The warmth from hot beverages like milk, tea and milk tea can help soften the mucus stuck in your throat and can further clear congestion.

It calms you down

Hot milk tea from Dakasi

I think we can all agree that milk tea is among the best comfort beverages out there. A cup of hot milk combined with non-caffeinated tea tends to release endorphins which helps reduce stress and relax your mind. 

It prevents teeth stains

Hot original milk tea from Chatime

Tea has high tannin content which can leave stains on your teeth. But one study from the International Journal of Dental Hygiene found that adding milk to tea reduces this risk as it contains casein—a kind of stain-reducing protein.

On their own, milk and tea are healthy. But what happens when you add them together? The world of research is divided on this issue. Some researchers say proteins in milk may hamper the antioxidant compounds of tea while others believe otherwise. 

So until science tells us a definitive conclusion, let’s try to be cautious around the milk tea we drink. That means you should cut down on sugar level, avoid sinkers like tapioca pearls and replace full-fat milk with skim or low-fat milk. You should also consider choosing hot over iced starting today. And oh, drink in moderation.

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