4 Dessert Spots To Satisfy Your Sweet-Tooth Cravings During The Quarantine

#DineInSM to get your fill of tasty sweet treats!

Ever experienced craving something sweet in the middle of the day and then pushed your thoughts aside thinking restaurants are probably closed due to the virus anyway? Well here’s the good news, it’s time to get up and #DineInSM. Open to offer you all-new and safe dining experiences with themed dining areas, you can now check out their cafes and restaurants to satisfy your cravings during this quarantine.

From your milk tea fix to donuts of all kinds, they’ve got it all for you! Read this article because we’ve rounded up 4 dessert spots to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.


At TOUS les JOURS, they offer hundreds of kinds of baked goods, including bread, pastries, cakes, desserts, and beverages. The best thing about them? They bake fresh goods each day from the finest ingredients!

In contrast to everyday bread, this South Korean bakery can tickle one’s imagination as bread, pastries, and cakes are presented in a beautiful way. Indulge in their delicious Mango Dream Cake. On the outside, it is covered with sweet mango slices and topped with fresh mango chunks. And if you look inside, a soft buttercream-layered chiffon cake will be revealed.

Taste this perfectly balanced sweet treat when you visit TOUS les JOURS. Discover more feel-good and comforting snacks and feel like you’re surrounded by mango trees when you dine in SM City Bacolod’s tropical jungle-themed areas! As you feast on your cakes and pastries, marvel at the sight of life-sized animals right beside you. Or, check out the small zebras, elephants, tigers, and all kinds of beasts placed on your table that remind you to practice social distancing.

Macao Imperial Tea

Hailing all the way from Macau, this beverage company first served milk tea goodness to the people of China. Since then, Macao Imperial Tea has expanded to other parts of Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and just three years ago, the Philippines too!

Macao Imperial Tea is the place to be for both tea and coffee fans alike. They offer a wide variety of drinks. But among all of these beverages, you will definitely want to try their best selling Cheese Cake and Pearl Milk Tea! The sweet, cheesy, and creamy textured cheesecake sits at the bottom of your drink and matches with the flavors of tea perfectly. If you love cheesecakes, then this is definitely the drink for you!

We are now calling on all chocoholics to try The Cream Cheese Cocoa Milk Tea. Enjoy the nostalgic comfort a good chocolate drink brings. While for those who like their tea with a little fruity zest, order the Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong Tea. Take a seat and dine at SM City Iloilo’s butterfly-themed dining area today to submerge yourself in the fruity zest of your refreshing drinks!

Black Scoop Cafe

From the sweet-toothed makers of Infinitea comes your next favorite dessert stop! Serving up soft-serve innovations since 2018, the Black Scoop Cafe takes pride in their passion for quality food and drinks.

Cool down your day and take a trip down memory lane at the same time with Black Scoop’s nostalgic soft-serve ice cream flavors! Try their new Ovaltine Swirl. It is deliciously topped with granulated powder from the famous chocolate malt biscuit everyone loved in the ’90s. They also have other sweet, mouth-watering soft-serve flavors like Yakult and White Rabbit.

Complete your dining experience by visiting SM Megamall’s summer-themed areas! Find beach balls, tropical trees, and bring the beach to you while you beat the Philippine heat.

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Everyone loves donuts. Who wouldn’t? They are sweet snacks made from fried dough garnished with your choice of toppings! Since 2012, J.Co Donuts & Coffee have been satisfying sweet-tooth cravings across the country with a wide-ranging donut and coffee menu.

J.Co offers you a scrumptious selection of donuts which include bestsellers Alcapone, Oreology, Tiramisu, Avocado DiCaprio, Mr. Green Tea, Snow White, Heaven Berry, Green Tease, Sugar Ice, and much more. With J.Co’s delicious flavors and unique names, it’s no surprise the brand has already opened 12 stores in such a short period of time.

Try out their donuts along with J.Coffee and enjoy their Italian blended drinks like the Iced Mocha Espresso and the Cappuccino Chip Frappe. What better way to enjoy your coffee and donuts than to be beside things that remind you to be happy? With SM Megamall’s themed dining area, turn your frown upside down and check out the emojis that best fit your mood today!

Key Takeaway

We understand how frustrating these times can be for everyone. And sometimes, you’ll want to enjoy the little things in life even if it means just eating sugary treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

There are all kinds of dessert places to satisfy your cravings during quarantine like TOUS Les JOURS, Macao Imperial Milk Tea, Black Scoop Cafe, J.Co Donuts & Coffee, and many more, open and ready to serve you.

The best thing about dining in? You get to experience SM’s all-new themed dining areas. So go ahead and visit SM Supermalls today!

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