Crafting a meat-free menu for Holy Week? Easy peasy

Who knows, these might even make you switch to a vegan diet for good

Confession time: Holy Week is one of the few times I try to eliminate meat from my daily meals. While it’s not required, most Catholics continue to abstain from meat (and other indulgences) as part of upholding the Lenten tradition we’ve been used to.

When it comes to making a Holy Week meal plan, most people would resort to substituting meat with seafood and vegetables. But if you want to try something a bit different, here are some ideas to help you craft a meatless menu this Holy Week.

Ride the plant-based meat trend

If you haven’t tried plant-based burgers from places like Shakey’s, Burger King and Zark’s Burgers yet, now is a great time to have them delivered or get them for takeout via SM Viber Take out & Delivery. These vegan offerings from fast food restaurants rose to popularity last year when more people started considering plant-based diets—and they really do taste similar to regular burgers.

Feast on fruits as snacks

Resist the urge to reach out for snacks like hotdog buns or cheeseburgers, and instead fill your stomach with fruits. You can dice up apples or mangoes and eat them raw or whip up an appetizing smoothie bowl for your movie night. Experiment with different combinations of fruit for acai bowls or incorporate granola and oats to make treats like chocolate muesli.

Give your favorite meals a tofu makeover

As one of the most popular meat substitutes, tofu is often used to transform dishes like adobo and sisig into meatless, wholesome versions. Throw in some kimchi for more flavor or challenge yourself by using silken tofu instead, which is softer and a bit more fragile than regular tofu. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy chow, you can simply grill or marinate tofu and serve it with cold soba instead. Try tasty treats from Soy Yummy, which you can order via SM Viber Take out & Delivery.

Add jackfruit to your ingredient list

Stumbling upon a “langkatsu” recipe was my first ever encounter with the idea of using jackfruit as pork or chicken substitute. Giving the classic Japanese tonkatsu a vegetarian twist, langkatsu is actually a brilliant idea for picky eaters and vegetarian newbies. 

Aside from closely resembling the taste of regular meat, jackfruit offers excellent health benefits like fiber and antioxidant content. It’s also easy to shred, cut or chunk like regular meat, which makes preparing and cooking a breeze.

Swap rice meals for sandwiches

We often eat meat with rice for lunch or dinner, but here’s an idea: Why not completely switch it up with a sandwich instead?  There’s a lot of nutrition-filled and meat-free options out there and they can meet your daily carb intake too. You can go for the classic tuna sandwich or make delectable bites like the rainbow veggie sandwich or ratatouille sandwich—and no, we’re not really talking about the movie “Ratatouille,” but the classic French stew made with veggies like eggplant, squash and bell pepper.

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