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Being the Filipino we are, every party is potluck, and that’s compulsory. Out of the numerous invites, one question will linger to your mind: What should I bring?

Here’s a tip: always bring something you personally like. That way, it feels like it comes from the heart with a personal touch added to it. Choose something that is no-brainer: comfort food that no one can resist. Finally, save yourself time and effort by ordering from a trusted restaurant that caters to families and groups. They know exactly what you need.

Still stumped? We got you covered with these party platters for every get-together you’ll attend:

Company Party: Hap Chan and Goldilocks

You’ll surely be a hit at the company Christmas party if you bring some authentic Chinese dishes. Everyone loves Hap Chan’s Fried Butter Chicken (tip: best eaten with your bare hands) and Cold Cuts Platter meant for sharing, paired with drinks.

Be the star of the party by bringing sweets that will delight everyone. Goldilocks is a no-fail choice for this, being everyone’s favorite bakeshop. Your colleagues will love childhood
favorites like the Brazo De Mercedes or their Assorted Puto. Don’t worry about ruining everyone’s diet. They’ll even thank you for the treat.


Family Reunion: Manam and Zubuchon

When it comes to family reunions, nothing compares to homemade goodness. Manam’s Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon is always a smash during sit-down dinners. You may also bring the Pancit Canton Special which will hardly be ignored at the party.

If you want to go big, go for Zubuchon. The Zubuchon Original will get everyone’s appetites going. Just make sure that you get everyone’s vote, whether they like it Plain – for those who like it as it is, Spicy – for those who want a kick, or Sizzling – for those who like a new twist with their lechon.

Seafood would be a good balance among the red and white meat so you may opt to bring Baked Scallops as a refreshing addition to the holiday table. Delight in fresh scallops drowned in butter, garlic, and cheese while drinking wine as you exchange stories with your family.


Friends: Sushi Nori and Aperitif

When partying with friends, go for something trendy and casual even for food. Satisfy your Japanese cuisine cravings with Sushi Nori and share something different, like their Super Party Tray. It is loaded with different rolls such as California Maki, Crazy Kani Roll, B&Y Roll, and Sushi Dreams Roll. They also have other sushi trays to choose from. Ask your friends on what they like so everyone’s tummy will be in a good mood.

If your friends are thinking about indulging in some fine wine on a fancy night, you can bring some graze boxes from Apéritif. Choose from their large Graze Box filled with savory goodies for a late night catch-up session with the barkada , or their Sweet Graze Box that has glazed donuts, truffles, and chocolate-dipped strawberries, for a midnight slumber party snack.


School: Tokyo Tokyo and Shakey’s

For school Christmas parties, Tokyo Tokyo will be your safety net because of their wide range of offerings. Right now they are offering Pork Tonkatsu + Fried Chicken Karaage and Beef Misono + Best Chicken Teriyaki mixed party trays. Bring one or bring both so that your kids and their classmates will have the best time eating their lunch with a variety of flavors present.

There’s always room for pizza. Shakey’s Super Slammin’ Deli Deal is a surefire way to get the party going. It includes a Super Slam pizza of your choice, Mojos n’ Chicken, and Spaghetti with Meatballs. You can also order the Weekend Pizza Blowout with three large thin pizzas along with Chicken N’ Mojos. That’s a hefty lunch for all.


Significant Other’s Family: Conti’s and Banapple

Keep it sweet and simple when attending the party of your significant other’s family by bringing selections from Conti’s. You may choose between Choco Walnut Torte or Cookies and Cream Cheesecake, both favoring kids and kids-at-heart. Or you can choose the all-time favorite Mango Bravo for a classic choice because what better way to make a good impression than with choice desserts.

If cakes aren’t up your alley, you can pick from Banapple’s pie menu. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without an Apple Caramel Crumble Pie. If you want something a sweeter, try the Hallow Mallow S’mores Pie. Don’t forget to warn the uncles and aunts to watch their sugar intake.

With these sweet and savory meals, Christmas gatherings will surely bring families and friends closer together. With homes and rooms filled with laughter while feasting on these potluck ideas, holidays will surely be an event to look forward to every year.

All items are available at SM Supermalls