Budget-friendly party trays for the hungry fam

2020's been stressful enough, at least take food prep off your back

After months of adjusting to remote work setups, disinfecting everything we come into contact with and going on TikTok just for laughs, it’s finally the holidays! 2020 felt like 10 stressful years rolled into one and now that you finally have time for a break, you have to maximize it. Food prep for Noche Buena can be a stressful undertaking, especially when you’ve already exhausted your home-cooked meal ideas over the last nine months, so why not get some food platters to go this time? Calling these restaurants and placing your order is less stressful than scrambling to cook multiple dishes before the clock strikes 12 on Christmas Eve. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a pile of pots and pans to scrub after.

Bob’s Restaurant

Get the Family Fiesta for P1,300 and the Family Wagon for P1,600

If you’re the type to save stomach space for Noche Buena by not eating dinner before the festivities, Bob’s Restaurant’s party platters will have you satisfied by the time you finally decide to eat. Get the Family Fiesta platter if you’re craving good Filipino food. It feeds 8-10 people with boneless bangus, chicken inasal, sinugba na baboy and pinakbet. Sounds like a lot, I know, but it’s the holidays so why not treat yourself and your family? 

If western food is more to your taste, the Family Wagon platter is your best bet. It comes with baby back ribs, beef ribs, southern style BBQ chicken, baked potato and baked beans. It also comes with onion rings and buttered vegetables as side dishes. Hopefully, you still have space for dessert.

Bream’s Ribs, Steak, Pizza

The restaurant’s name itself seems like everything you’d want for your Noche Buena celebration, but Bream’s Ribs, Steak, Pizza also has different kinds of pasta to choose from. Aside from the usual spaghetti and hotdog with marshmallow on a stick combo, why not go for Italian cuisine this Christmas and get the seafood pesto pasta paired with four cheese and mango pizza. If you haven’t heard of the cheese and mango combo, then you’re in for a treat. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, savory and cheesy, definitely something to try before the year ends.

Army Navy

Army Navy’s Burger + Burrito Meal is priced at P1,099 while the Chicken + Pasta Meal is P1,199

Our favorite burrito place has a variety of holiday group meals to choose from, so you can cater to your housemates’ varied tastes. If you love Army Navy’s  burritos but also want to try something else, their Burger + Burrito Meal includes two burritos of your choice (the PI Burrito is a good choice if you love Filipino food; it comes in either adobo flakes or sisig baboy variants), two classic burgers and four LiberTea Iced Teas, which is Army Navy’s special brew. 

However, if you want something more familiar to your tastes and reminiscent of past Noche Buenas, the Chicken + Pasta Meal has carbonara, spaghetti and meatballs, and fried chicken. You also get a Charlie Bravo Querida Mia, Army Navy’s take on bacon and cheese thin pizza, so you win either way.

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