The (literal) best parts of our next meal? These delicious dishes

We call dibs on these specific meat portions

As someone who’s always willing to wait for chicken thighs at fast food restaurants no matter how long it takes, I find importance in knowing the best portions of certain meat products. Instead of buying a whole chicken or pork, it’s more practical to get the juiciest, most tender or most flavorful meat part for regular meals instead.

Here are dishes that focus on our favorite meat portions for a delicious feast.

Swordfish belly

Swordfish belly from Choobi Choobi

Choobi Choobi calls Swordfish Belly the “wagyu of the sea” and it makes us imagine just how tender its meat must be. Rich in selenium, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, this swordfish meat dish comes with slices of tomatoes and onions on the side.

Visit Choobi Choobi’s official website for a list of its branches and hotlines you can contact for delivery in selected areas of Cebu.

Crispy pata

Crispy pata from Roadhouse Café

Indulge in the contrast between the crunchy, deep-fried exterior and the tender meat on the inside of crispy pata. This popular Filipino dish made from pork leg is often served with a tasty dip and atchara for more flavor.

Make sure to order crispy pata from Roadhouse Café along with other Filipino food favorites now.

Crab roe

Seafood Festival from Above Sea Level

Hands up if you also enjoy the savory taste of the solid fat that can be found in a crab’s body, which is also known as aligue.

Seafood Festival pairs generous servings of crab, mussels and shrimps drizzled in Above Sea Level’s special aligue sauce with steamy java rice. This platter is good for three to four persons—perfect for sharing with your family and friends during lunch or dinner.

Baby back ribs

Baby back ribs from Ribs & Bibs

Baby back ribs have it all—from meat that falls off the bones, a smoky, savory flavor, and lip-smacking sauce.

Take home Ribs & Bibs’ House Specialty Baby Back Ribs, which is available in family and party trays. For delivery and reservation at Ribs & Bibs in SM CDO Downtown Premier, contact 859-1917 or 0917-1251687.

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