Taking all-in-one meals to the next level

Can’t choose what you’re having for lunch or dinner? Why not get them all?

Pretend you’re looking at a restaurant’s menu right now and you only get to order one meal. You’ve been craving chicken since a week ago. You also want to eat pancit canton. Hey, the mojos look good, too. How about dessert? You know a meal isn’t complete without a sweet ending.

Spoiled for choice? But why choose one when you can get them all—in one meal? Here’s how:

Fiesta plate meal

max's fiesta plate meal
Get Max’s fiesta plate on a non-fiesta day

It’s a chicken rice meal with lumpiang ubod in tow. And who can ever say no to lumpia? Have it fried if you prefer that over fresh lumpia. And oh, you also get a caramel bar for dessert.

Max’s best plate

max's best plate
Max’s signature dishes in one plate

Perfect for people with a really huge appetite and an indecisive palate. Get Max’s bestsellers in one plate: chicken, lumpiang shanghai, pancit canton, spicy tofu or chicken skin, sweet kamote fries, and caramel bar.

Super solo meal

max's solo meal
Want to experience a build-your-own meal? Try Max’s super solo meal

This plate allows you to decide what goes with your chicken rice meal. You can either get vegetable kare-kare, bangus or pork sinigang, or chicken sisig as your second ulam. As for your side dish, you can choose among pinakbet, kamojos (sweet potato mojos), or talong fritos.

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