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Looking for a great place to eat and bond with your kids? Check out these family-friendly restaurants and spots.


8 Cuts Burger Blends

Eating at 8 Cuts Burger Blends is a fun experience for everyone. You get to customize your own dish from the bun and toppings, down to the beef. With different cheeses and sauces to choose from, add that personal taste that you and your kids are craving for.


The Lost Bread

Get ready for a revolutionary treat when you try The Lost Bread’s confectionary masterpieces. Before taking a bite, remember to snap a quick pic of its fun and colorful desserts that will delight not only the kids’ but everyone’s eyes and taste buds. They also offer food like rice and pasta meals that can surely satisfy your hunger.



Looking for a restaurant where you get to cook your own meal? This is what you’ll get when you try Dohtonbori. You have the freedom to experience and cook an authentic okonomiyaki, also known as savory Japanese grilled pancakes. It’s a fun bonding opportunity that lets your kids unleash the potential chef in them.


Pancake House

Pancake House is one of the many restaurants good for kids because of its own children’s menu. They offer dishes that would easily catch their eyes and satisfy their appetites like the mini pancakes with candy-coated choco bites or the classic chicken bites. Adults, on the other hand, are free to enjoy all-day breakfast meals and all-time classic favorites.