A guide to enjoying samgyupsal like a K-drama leading lady

All the samgyupsal dining lessons we’ve learned from our fave K-dramas

We’ve lost count of how many times binge watching a Korean drama has made us crave samgyupsal so much. With every samgyupsal meal costing us at least P300, there’s no way we won’t be looking for the best strategies on how to get our money’s worth. And who’s a better source for these than our favorite K-drama heroines themselves?

Here’s the tea on samgyupsal that we’ve learned from the biz’ leading ladies: from the perfect pairings to genius hacks to maximize your KBBQ dining experience.

Ditch the rice for lettuce wraps

Oppa samgyeopsal

Filipinos love rice, but consuming lots of this carb can make you feel full sooner than you’d want. Swap a bowl or two of rice for lettuce wraps instead, which is a very famous (and even perhaps the most common) way to eat samgyupsal in Korea. You can even take after the couples in “Fight for my Way” and sweetly feed your special someone with lettuce-wrapped samgyupsal for a cute bonding experience the next time you dine at Oppa Samgyeopsal.

Try the Kim Bok Joo-approved BFN method

Aside from inspiring us to embrace and unleash our own kinds of swag, Kim Bok Joo and her weightlifting squad taught us one more valuable lesson: The perfect hack for maximizing unlimited grilled food. Her easy advice only requires you to remember the letters “BFN” which stands for barbecue, fried rice and naengmyeon or Korean cold noodles. 

According to this lovable character played by Lee Sung Kyung, you should eat samgyupsal in that exact order for pacing that allows you to have as much food as you can. Naengmyeon, especially, plays an important role in cleansing your palate and getting you ready for another round of chows. 

Take a shot (or shots #nojudgment) of soju

Samgyup Korean Restaurant

Samgyupsal and soju go hand in hand, especially in Korean dramas. Need some examples of leading ladies who don’t let a night of grilling go without this iconic alcoholic drink? There’s Sung Deok Mi (Park Min Young) in “Her Private Life,” Eun Tae Hee (Red Velvet’s Joy) in “Tempted,” Song Ji An (Girl’s Day’s Hyeri) in “Two Cops”… we can go on and on, actually. See why they love this combo so much when you dine at Samgyup Korean Restaurant, and maybe invite your favorite drinking buddy over, too. 

Know the best ways to grill different meat slices

Samgyeopsal House

We’ll never forget that heated discussion between Goo Dae Young (played by Yoon Doo Joon) and Baek Soo Ji (played by Seo Hyun Jin) on how often one should flip meat slices during the 11th episode of “Let’s Eat 2.” 

Giving us a life lesson we didn’t know we needed, Dae Young told Soo Ji that if you keep flipping the meat, its juice doesn’t penetrate the meat and the fat doesn’t render well. Thick samgyupsal cuts also have to be seared the same way steaks do for better taste. BRB, we’re definitely proving this to ourselves during our next meal at Samgyeopsal House.

Share it with your loved ones


The couple that grills together, stays together. At least, that’s what most K-drama leads have shown us. But the people you share samgyupsal with don’t necessarily have to be your significant other. They can be your friends, your family or even your colleagues—with whom you have a special bond that a night of grilling can further strengthen. Samgyeopmasarap has pork and beef sets good for two or groups of three to six, just take your pick.

But hey, if you have your own Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) to join your inner Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) for a meal, then why not?

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