Everybody loves the weekend, because it’s the ideal time for families to relax, bond, and have fun. However, joyous family gatherings can easily go from sweet to sour when family members with varying food preferences begin to argue where to eat.

It can get pretty tricky to compromise, but luckily, SM Supermalls has endless choices of restaurants that offer family style meals that would definitely suit even the most discerning eater’s fancy. With many dining establishments to choose from, families no longer need to argue which restaurant to choose and instead simply head over to the mall and enjoy a satisfying meal together.

Here are a few suggestions that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces:

Barrio Fiesta – Filipino dishes are sure crowd pleasers during special occasions, and Barrio Fiesta’s crispy pata is no exception. Coupled with soy-vinegar dip, this deep-fried dish with crunchy pig skin is the definite highlight of every meal and will always be the one dish that people will enjoy up to the very last bone.




Congo Grille – Beef kare-kare is another signature Filipino dish that boasts of a mixture of flavors and ingredients with a distinct peanut flavor, and Congo Grille has perfected this dish that curiously tastes better with just a pinch of bagoong. Its rich stew is best eaten when drizzled in plain rice, and it will definitely have everybody ordering, “Extra rice please!”




Gerry’s Grill – One need not travel all the way to Tagaytay just to get their steaming hot bulalo fix, since Gerry’s Grill whips up quite the comforting nilagang bulalo that tastes just as appetizing as it looks. The dish is good for sharing since the restaurant serves up a pretty huge bowl with generous amounts of beef shanks and marrow bone





Sumo Sam – The men are typically huge meat lovers, and Sumo Sam’s beef teppan will not disappoint their cravings. Cut in bite-sized pieces, these beef pieces are equal parts tender and tasty, thanks to the iron griddle that is used to cook it. The beef teppan is a deceptively simple looking dish that actually packs a whole lot of flavor with every bite.







Tong Yang Hot Pot – There’s nothing more satisfying to eat during the rainy season than shabu-shabu, and everybody can have their fill of meat, seafood, and vegetables all cooked in a steaming broth of soup in Tong Yang Hot Pot. It can be a fun experience for families to prepare their meals themselves, and share fun and intimate conversations all while waiting for their food to cook.




Vikings – There is a reason why this popular buffet restaurant always has a long line of diners waiting outside its doors, eager to get a seat. Vikings has a huge selection of dishes coming from different cuisines—Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, American, and even French, but arguably one of its more popular stations is the one that carries the beef brisket chuck eye roll. The brisket is seasoned to perfection and the meat falls off with every slice, and diners cannot help but line up repeatedly just to get another slice of this tender meat.