A definitive ranking of side dishes to go with your chicken bucket

Food prep's a big undertaking—here's how to get around it

Admit it, no one can resist the legend that is the KFC chicken bucket. There’s just something about fried chicken that makes eating more enjoyable. But do you know what else will make the experience better? Side dishes—specifically those that’ll make you go “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

Buttered corn

KFC side dishes: buttered corn
Sweet corn kernels tossed in butter

First things first: We’re not here to argue with you whether corn’s a veggie or a whole grain. We don’t have time for that. We just want to tell you that corn is a good alternative to rice as it contains all the carbs you need for the day. Plus, the butter makes it even tastier.

Mashed potatoes

KFC side dishes: mashed potato
Creamy mashed potato topped with KFC’s signature gravy

For reasons we don’t know, there are people who don’t eat corn. So here’s another option: mashed potatoes. Think french fries—minus the crispy outer coat. And instead of ketchup, it’s drizzled with gravy. 


KFC side dishes: coleslaw
A fresh mix of vegetables–cabbage, carrots, and onions—tossed together in KFC’s signature tangy dressing

If you want to partner your chicken with something that reminds you of children’s parties and family BBQs, try coleslaw. It’s a mix of finely shredded cabbage, carrots and onions tossed in salad dressing. The perfect combo of fresh and familiar..



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