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Filipino dishes are closely intertwined with Pinoy culture. Every occasion—or just every day, really—calls for a special dish so it’s not surprising that chefs around the Metro have fostered a love and deep understanding of local cuisine. They love Filipino food so much that they’ve innovated new ones by fusing them with ingredients and cooking styles from all over the world.

Don’t miss out on these new interpretations of classic Filipino dishes:

1. Watermelon Sinigang at Manam Comfort Filipino

You’ve heard of sinigang sa gabi, sinigang sa miso, and sinigang sa sampalok, but have you heard of watermelon sinigang? To add to the list of the revered sinigang, the team from Manam Comfort Filipino has created Sinigang na Beef Short Rib with watermelon.

Unlike the sinigang you’re familiar with, the watermelon sinigang comes in a rich reddish broth because it’s been infused and cooked gently with watermelon slices. This is a Filipino dish reimagined and revamped in a way that hasn’t been done before, go try it!

Manam Comfort Filipino is located at SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall.


2. Lechon Cebu Con Salsa Oliva at XO 46 Bistro Filipino

Cebu lechon is undeniably one of the Philippines’ most popular dishes, pair it with the fresh and tangy taste of salsa—you get perfection. XO 46 Bistro Filipino’s take on this traditional food makes you rethink of how lechon has been enjoyed in the past and how it will be enjoyed in the future, and it’s with salsa.

Dine at XO 46 Bistro Filipino at SM Aura Premier or S Maison.


3. Phò lalo at Locavore

If you’re a fan of Filipino dishes but haven’t tried Locavore Kitchen & Drinks yet, we highly recommend for you to pay them a visit. Locavore is known for modern and creative renditions of Filipino food, like what they did with Phò lalo.

The name is derived from the combination of two popular soup dishes: the Filipino dish, bulalo, and a Vietnamese noodle dish, phò. Like the name indicates, it’s a scrumptious fusion of the two, including a chunky and sinfully delicious bone marrow and fresh herbs and spices usually seen in Vietnamese cuisine.

Check out Locavore at S Maison.


4. Piaya Ice Cream Sandwich at Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

Doesn’t piaya bring up so much good childhood memories? Let the nostalgia flow freely—and sweetly—at Sarsa Kitchen + Bar as you enjoy their heavenly piaya ice cream sandwich.

Unlike the ice cream sandwiches you’ve had before, Sarsa’s has the well-loved piaya as the buns and a selection of ice cream flavors to choose from as the filling. We recommend getting either vanilla or ube ice cream for the truly Pinoy flavor experience. Capping off a day with this creamy and decadent dessert will surely put a smile on your face as it brings back good and happy memories.

Bring your friends and family to Sarsa, only at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia.


5. Mangga’t Bagoong Sorbet at Sebastian’s

If unique and unusual dishes are something you’re interested in, you’d be glad to hear about Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio’s Mangga’t Bagoong-flavored sorbet. The sides of your mouth just watered at the thought of it, and you can’t deny it. It’s a craving Pinoys can’t get rid of.

The sorbet itself is mango-flavored and it carries the rich and tangy taste of our local mangga. Sure, you’ve had mango ice cream before, but not like this. At Sebastian’s, you don’t have mango ice cream by itself, it comes with a helping of fermented shrimp paste, or bagoong. Sebastian’s whipped up this quirky and largely Pinoy dessert because just like you, they know that a mango-eating experience isn’t complete without bagoong.

Satisfy your cravings at Sebastian’s SM Mall of Asia or SM North EDSA.


6. Bibingka Souffle at C2 Classic Cuisine

When you think about soufflé, you think about the Parisian life with its wines and cheeses. So when C2 Classic Cuisine introduced bibingka soufflé, it was a really pleasant surprise. It’s a sophisticated and elevated dessert dish that unifies the flavors of home and the cooking style of eastern Europe.

Its tender texture and delectable flavor will keep you wanting more, so be prepared and try to restrain yourself from ordering two more servings. Bon appétit!

Don’t miss out on this great Filipino dish at C2 Classic Cuisine at SM Megamall.