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Up for some horror movie marathon tonight? Whether you’re a fan of scary flicks or you just want a casual scare, consider watching these films along with these tasty snacks you can munch on.


A Quiet Place and Chowking Chicharap

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures & Chowking PH | Facebook


A Quiet Place is one of the most phenomenal horror flicks of 2018. What sets this thriller flick apart from others is how it uses the element of silence instead of latching on to an ominous and creepy scoring to haunt the audience. While watching this film, eat some Chicharap from Chowking. The sound from the crunch adds an added intimidating and challenging effect while watching!


Midsommar and Subway Meatball Marinara

Image Credit: A24 & subway.ky


A horror film set in broad daylight? Yup, it’s possible. With its pastel-colored visuals and festive mood, one might think how is this supposed to be scary? Midsommar is a psychological horror film about a group of friends who travel to Sweden for a festival but the group find themselves involved in a pagan cult ritual. Pair this film with a classic Swedish food—meatballs! Opt for Meatball Marinara Sandwich from Subway while watching.


Eerie and Wendy’s Baconator

Image Credit: ABS-CBN Films & wendys.com


This local film had people going to sleep with the lights on. Eerie follows the story of a guidance counselor as she unravels the mysteries that surround the unexpected death of a student from an all-girls catholic school. The audience applauded the film’s suspense build up and shock value. If this film is too scary for your taste, have a bite of a feel-good Wendy’s Baconator to comfort you.


Shake, Rattle & Roll and McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries

Shake, Rattle & Roll is one of the most iconic and longest-running horror film series in the country. Currently with 15 installments, have a Shake, Rattle & Roll marathon with your squad. While you’re at it, shake a McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries while you shake in fear!


The Grudge and Dunkin’ Donuts’ Bavarian Donuts

Who could forget that white-faced ghost of this cult-classic Japanese horror film? Considered as one of the quintessential films of Asian horror, relieve the tension and terror of this movie with your friends! Grab a bite of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Bavarian Donuts while watching!


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Header Image Credit: Paramount Pictures